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What is the best way to push rank in Free Fire?

Free Fire has a popular ranking system that challenges most players. The rank tier system allows them to demonstrate their credibility in the game and their ability to perform on the ground.

Therefore, players often look for ways to advance up the rank tier quickly. Following the OB26 update in Free Fire, a new ranked season has begun, and this article shares some essential tips and tricks to advance up the ranks quickly and effectively.

Rank up faster in Free Fire: Free Fire is a fast-paced battle royale game where players experience intense combat on the battlefield. Given the timing and circumstances of the war, ranking is a very difficult progression and difficult. It is considered a great challenge for players to increase their rank and as they get higher ranks, the gameplay will get tougher as the contenders will be at higher rank level.

1. Land in safe places

Loading locations should be considered as the basic aspect that players should pay attention to. Any wrong landing will take you straight to the lobby. If you die early in the match while moving up your rank, you will lose many points. To prevent this, simply land at a location that is far from the plane’s flight path.

Almost all the time, you’ll be able to deploy to a pleasant location without any enemies. As such, you’ll only be able to face the early game and loot stuff. This is the most important piece of advice if you really want to get ahead fast in Free Fire.

2. Looting

Looting is important but you also need to give it time. We recommend that you stay on the edge of the map until the first Blue Zone arrives. Once you are inside the Blue Zone and there is no one around, you start looting. Since you are at the edge of the map and also in the blue area you will be behind all the players so that you can get some kills and good loot as well.

Keep in mind that this is only for the first blue zone and not the second or third blue zone. Once you’ve looted to your heart’s content, get in a car and head to the safe zone.

3. Booyah Time

Now, assuming you’ve escaped all the areas and have a good loot on you, it’s time to buoy. Here you will make sure that you win or at least come second. Since it’s all about raising the ranks, you have to put your best game forward. In the last circle, there may be three or only two players left, but what matters is quickly finding and killing that player. Lose here and all that hard work will go in vain.

With this this game guide ends. These pointers are not a guarantee that you will win all the time but if you follow them you will survive to the last circle and as we mentioned above, that is what counts in Free Fire.

4. Play with Friends, Dont Play Solo

When you play Free Fire Solo, your winnings are sometimes determined by chance. If you fight in the wrong place, you can get killed from all sides. As a result, play duo or squad to minimize losses/wins due to hockey alone.

Plus, play Duo or Squad with friends who are used to playing together. Why? Those who are used to playing with others will undoubtedly have a better understanding of how to play you and your weapon choices.

5. Use bonfire and scanner

Free-Fire has different loadout options such as, Summon Airdrop, Supply Crate, Resupply Map, Bounty Tokens, Armor Crate, Lag Pockets, Bonfire and Scan. But among them, you should select the bonfire and scan to match.

Because in solo mode there will be no one to revive. Therefore, the bonfire will help you recover your health in an emergency.
In addition, the scanner will help you know how many enemies will land with you on the battlefield.

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