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Top 5 weirdest characters in Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics venture has been at the forefront of introducing fictional superheroes who have commanded a global following. However, in the list of many famous and extremely popular characters.

there are some who never quite climbed the popularity charts and were eventually dumped or mercifully killed. While, some of these were plain bizarre, some were simply unfortunate because they weren’t able to garner enough attention to become another successful contributor to the Marvel universe.



MODOK is a classic Captain America villain created by A.I.M. MTV reported that he was originally supposed to appear in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but was cut and was replaced by Alexander Pierce. This was probably a smart idea as Modoc might be too weird for Marvel Comics to put in the movie.

The modok is basically a giant head with tiny arms and legs that require a flying chair to fly. Honestly, the best use of this weird character was his most memorable appearance on The Super Hero Squad show as one of the main villains.

2. Power Pachyderms

After a group of elephants are exposed to radiation, they give rise to four creatures that have human and elephant characteristics. Their existence only becomes wacky when it is revealed that they all have superpowers.

While one of the members takes after Electra, the rest have the same powers as the mutant Cyclops, Wolverine, and Colossus, respectively. We were ready to step out of his strange appearances and admit that he was talking about elephants. However,

it was ridiculous to see an Electra counterpart slathering in radioactive makeup and being empowered by the strong Phoenix force. At least this bizarre elephant team’s encounter with the Phoenix force ended better than it usually does for most humanoid X-Men.

3. The Orb

The orb is exactly what it looks like: a boy with a giant eyeball for a head. Other than that, there isn’t much to hire; He has no known real name and no superpower beyond the apparent “enhanced vision”. However, The Orb is a personal favorite character of writer Jason Aaron.

so he tends to show up in any title Aaron writes. In a major crossover titled Original Sin, The Orb ends up in possession of one of The Watcher’s eyes, which he had grafted onto his chest. Now that he has two eyes, that should be less creepy, right?

4. Franken-Castle

For a character with one of the most grounded and admirable concepts in all of Marvel, Punisher has certainly taken some strange turns through his career. In one such strange period, the Punisher was murdered and broken and then sewn together by Wolverine’s evil son Daken (Did you know that Wolverine has an evil son? He does!)

Rebranded as “Franken-Castle”, which was essentially a Frankenstein’s monster. Who wandered around battling evil with the help of some other supernatural beings. This won’t be the last time Puneesh appears on this list, either…

5. Lockjaw

Lockjaw is a nonhuman giant bulldog whose abilities include teleportation. He serves the Inhuman royal family as their escort and loyal protector. He was born on the island of Attilan. Many times he has brought nonhumans back to earth and back again.

At times, his powers have been manipulated by evil forces, usually by Maximus the Mad. Lockjaw has subtle empathy abilities. In addition, he has a keen sense of smell, allowing him to track anyone in inter-dimensional space. He’s one of the unique Marvel characters, yet weird enough that you’ll see.

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