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Top 5 reasons why Call of Duty: Mobile is better than BGMI (Call of Duty vs BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is often compared to other shooter games such as Garena Free Fire, Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile. Due to the similar gameplay, people are often spoiled for choice.

The Indian PUBG Mobile remake, BGMI, is known for its authentic Erangel Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans prefer COD Mobile. This is because a lot of the content has been borrowed from other famous Call of Duty titles.

BGMI, which is primarily known for its main map based battle royale style fights, has fans. Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans prefer COD Mobile. That’s because a lot of the content from the Call of Duty title has been picked up and included.

Considering the download size, RAM requirements for low end and high end devices, here is a comparison of BGMI and COD mobiles.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Compared to BGMI, COD Mobile can only be downloaded in a huge file size of 3.2 GB. The specifications of the phone also change as players need at least 4GB of RAM to accommodate a smooth gaming experience.

Even with a massive 3GB download, players have to additionally download a lot of multiplayer maps separately. But the downloads are worth it. CODM has over eight different multiplayer options and over 30 locations.

COD Mobile currently has over 100 million downloads and a favorable rating of 4.4 stars.

Both the games have their advantages and disadvantages. If players want to enjoy a more weapon customization experience, COD Mobile may be the go-to. There are about 35 different maps for multiplayer matches. Players with advanced equipment may consider getting CODM.

BGMI, on the other hand, apparently enjoys a huge fan base. A huge user base ensures that there are minimum bots. The matchmaking process is faster and more accurate. BGMI is also a great option for low- and medium-end devices.

While both types are fun to play, Call of Duty Mobile’s usual team-based shooter game mode is arguably easier. Unlike longer matches in battle royale, in which you have to parachute across the map, plunder weapons and fight in Call of Duty, you just fight instantly every round.

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) which hit the market with the banning of PUBG Mobile was initially designed for 60 fps and slight frame drop, but soon there is a 90 fps version for higher end devices as well.

Talking about Call of Duty Mobile, it is now played in high quality on phones with 120Hz refresh rate. It definitely gives it an edge over other mobile games in the market. Furthermore, gamers can switch the frame rate to Ultra settings for swift gameplay of up to 120FPS. 120FPS allows for a high level of fluidity and smoothness.

Keeping all the above factors in mind when we choose BGMI or COD mobile, one has to look at personal preferences and gaming taste.

If you are more into shooting, then you should go for Call of Duty Mobile, but if you are more inclined towards the battle royale mode of gaming, then BGMI is your thing! Keep in mind that restrictions and censorship can be a bit troublesome with BGMI, however, that doesn’t stop it from having a massive fan base.

Activision introduced the Gunsmith feature in Call of Duty: Mobile last year, which lets you easily customize your weapons. After selecting a weapon in the Gunsmith section, it will show how each attachment will affect that weapon’s stats.

There are 9 types of attachments for each weapon that you can change based on your preferences and save the configuration as your own custom weapon blueprint. Along with attachments, Gunsmith also lets you customize the look of your weapon with camos. Cameos can be earned by completing simple challenges in the game.

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