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Top 5 best Minecraft YouTuber skins in 2022

YouTube and Minecraft have an intriguing relationship. Without Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators, the game wouldn’t be nearly as famous.

On the other hand, the popularity of the title often affects the course of the entire career of these content creators. Many artists have their own Minecraft skins that will become famous in this regard. Listed below are the seven biggest and most liked skins ever seen on YouTube.

1. Captain Sparklez

Captain Sparklez or Jordan is one of the classic Minecraft YouTubers of the internet. His musical parodies of the game are incredibly well known, amassing millions of views. The effect Captain Sparkle’s work has on fantasy is unmistakable, his skin just as impressive.

Captain Sparkle’s skin is that of an unkempt DJ, wearing a pair of skinny shades, a suit, and a half up button-up shirt. The YouTuber and his skin actually made a cameo appearance in Minecraft: Story Mode, helping to cement its legacy even further.


Galaxy-saving super soldiers and murderous space suits are all well and good, but ultimately Minecraft is mostly a peaceful game about doing things that are peaceful. Thus, a better game to include in this would be Stardew Valley, which recently sold over 20 million copies.

This is where Abigail comes across as one of the residents of Pelican Town. The thing with this skin and character art from Stardew Valley is that it’s not too difficult for an artist to create a skin for this skin, or anyone like it, for their custom Stardew Valley character.


Grian is a popular YouTuber with over 7.8 million subscribers. This makes him the second most subscribed member of the beloved Hermitcraft server. Grien is usually associated with mumbo jumbo, as the two often spend time together in the game.

He is known for his construction tutorials and Redstone’s inefficiency, although this has slowly changed over the years. On the surface, this skin looks simple enough, however, that is what makes it lovely. Because the skin is both clean and effective, the red shirt is almost synonymous with grion.

4. Assassin’s Creed

Even with the number of best Minecraft sword spells, the first combat-style game that players generally love is Assassin’s Creed. But if you don’t want to choose, then this cool Minecraft skin is made for you.

It brings the popular hero from the game of Assassin’s Creed to Minecraft. You can find the coveted leather suit, as well as its accessories clearly visible in this skin.

5. DREAM smp

Minecraft is a popular video game that can be played on various platforms. One of the most popular ways to play the game is to use skins.

which are modifications that can be applied to the player’s character. Some of the most popular Minecraft youtuber skins are from Dream Smp, which creates detailed and often humorous Minecraft videos.

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