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Top 5 Best Minecraft Survival Servers – june 2022

With a huge community, Minecraft is one of the most fun online multiplayer games out there. Some players look forward to chatting with friends while others look for the full adventure.

If you’re into the latter bunch, you’ve come to the right place. We’re covering some of the best Minecraft survival servers with unique Minecraft biomes, custom mobs, and lots of interesting quests. The only thing that comes close to their level is the best Minecraft adventure maps.

But most of them did not allow you to play with your friends, making them irreplaceable. With that said, these servers have a lot for us to unpack, so let’s dive into the best Minecraft survival servers that you shouldn’t miss!

What is the best Minecraft server?

It’s no secret that the PC community boasts of the most ambitious players in the world, and there’s no better proof of this than the best Minecraft servers.

A haven for architectural artists, Minecraft has been a great creative place for players to create their own content without knowing a single line of code.

1. Purple Prison

Look, I know the community has some strong opinions regarding prison servants.

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The haters believe that those who like the prison server should go to jail and the prison server fan is so angry as to make that reality by strangling the haters. That being said, if you are a fan of Prison Servers, this is the one for you.

And if you haven’t already, it’s more than just a prison. Once you make money to free yourself there is another side of the server that needs to be explored. Full of towns, gangs, ruthless people, and more.

2. Origin Realms

The original area is also known as Minecraft v2. It is currently publicly available in beta form, which means you can connect to the server and try out the innovations.

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The Genesis Realm is popular among the Minecraft community due to the features it brings to the table, which include animated cutscenes, rec questlines, and custom items.

The developer seems to have put a lot of effort into developing this server, which makes it one of the best minecart servers out there. The server has game modes such as Survival, RPG and Quest. The average player count of servers is over 150.

3. Medieval Vanilla

Next up is Medieval Vanilla, a small tight-knit server with a nice emphasis on Minecraft community survival gameplay.

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There are no unnecessary game modes like Skyblock, Faction and Capture the Flag. Medieval Vanilla best focuses on providing a great experience and that is why it is one of the best servers out there.

Thanks to the long-running community, players can enjoy good gameplay here without any friendly jokes and high-quality collaboration. It also has a nice twist in that it is medieval inspired.

4. OmegaCraft

This is the first and only non-English server on our list of the best Minecraft servers. Even though you might have to struggle a bit to get to the right places, Omega Crafts offers a lot of adventures for you to try.

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Even with a Hunger Games-style mode, it meets the quality of the diverse players with the original game mode. You can also form a group or faction with players you meet online to compete in group-based events.

But if you’re concerned about the language barrier, you can either use an app like Duolingo or basic English instructions on the server.

5. TulipSurvival

TulipSurvival provides a relaxing Minecraft Survival community with quality-of-life add-ons to enhance your gaming experience.

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You can play with your friends, claim land, develop towns, battle players, buy and sell items to others, and much more.

Some of the available servers are player combat, player economics, grief prevention, and voting rankings. TulipCurvival strives to maintain a welcoming community, so if you’re looking for a fun and relaxing environment, give this server a try.

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8 Zero. Minr.

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