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The 5 Best Magic Anime You Can't Afford To Miss

So far, many animations have described powerful magical battles and hot magic close to everyday life. The settings are based on the work and how they are prepared, and there is freshness and new discoveries in every work. Without mentioning that magic is different.

such as whether it is only used during combat or whether it is always present in everyday life, which is also fascinating. There are many other animations with magic, so be sure to pay attention to their settings and features. This time, we will present 5 magic anime in a ranking format!

1. Big Fish & Begonia

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Release date: 8 July 2016 (China)
Directors: Liang Xuan, Chun Zhang
Music by: Kiyoshi Yoshida

When a magical creature decides to explore the human world, it is faced with a situation. A young boy sacrifices himself to save her, and he has to pay a lot to protect his soul. This Chinese anime might seem ordinary at first glance, but once you keep watching it.

you’ll probably shed a few tears. It introduces you to the gods and a fantasy world with magical abilities quite thoroughly. Hence, one of the best magical fantasy anime out there.

2. Blue Exorcist (2011)

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Release date: 17 April 2011
Directors: Tensai Okamura
Genres: Adventure, dark fantasy

Humans live in the world of Asia, the demons in Gehenna. The two dimensions are not meant to interfere with each other, but demons still have creatures in Asia. The humans who can fight these demons are known as exorcists.

Rin Okumura is a boy who is cursed to be the illegitimate son of Satan. His foster father sacrificed himself to save him from the demons. To avenge the death of his foster father as well as prove himself, Rin decides to follow the path of an exorcist.

3. In Another World with My Smartphone

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Release date: 11 July 2017
Directors: Patora Fuyuhara
Genres: fantasy, harem, [1] isekai

When God accidentally strikes a teenage boy with lightning, he apologizes and grants him a wish, and a chance to live in an imaginary realm.

Touya accepts, with his wish to keep his smartphone in this new life. Simultaneously, he finds himself in a beautiful world with equally beautiful girls fighting for his attention. A bunch of girls, your phone, and unlimited charm! You are really living the fantasy!

4. Somali And The Forest Spirit

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Release date: 9 January 2020
Directors: Kenji Yasuda
Genres: Fantasy

In a world full of spirits, ghosts and many other strange creatures, humans are hunted almost to the point of extinction. A serious encounter brings a golem and a young human girl together.

A bond is immediately formed between this unlikely pair and they set off on a quest to travel this strange and dangerous world in search of the rest of the humans. The series premiered earlier this year on Crunchyroll and is showing great promise.

5. Ange Vierge

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Release date: 9 July 2016
Directors: Masafumi Tamura
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

Ange Wirz is a card game story set in the Progress Girls Academy located in the isolated Serran Islands in the Pacific. It follows the story of a teenage girl named Heirou.

whose gaming portals suddenly open and mysteriously merge some five different worlds. In her new world, the girl is suddenly endowed with very strong magical powers. She uses her newfound magic to impress and compete with fellow students.

top 5 anime character with blue hair

1 Merlin.
2 Aladdin.
3 Natsu Dragneel.
4 Slayn.
5 Sieg Hart.

1 Pokémon – $110 billion.
2 Anpanman – $44.9 billion.
3 Dragon Ball – $30 billion.
4 Gundam – $27.8 billion.
5 Yu-Gi-Oh – $17.1 billion.

1 Naruto Shippuden. Masashi Kishimoto/Shippuden/NMP.
2 One Piece. Funimation Productions.
3 Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima/Funimation Productions.