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How to Make an Enchanted Book in Minecraft

Everyone knows that Minecraft is one of the survival games that allows you to create a lot of great things. This game was created by Mojang Studios.

And with it being popular, it is in a great position in the games, players can create a world record by making things in the game, which includes many big structures.

Today we are going to increase your thinking power. You must know that books are very important in Minecraft, through which players can take much knowledge. So today we will make the same books in Minecraft in a great way, so scroll down to know more details.

Required Materials to make an Enchanted Book

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If you don’t know enchantment books then enchantment books which are used to enter powers into any other weapon row in minecraft. Which many easily break blocks or kill animals or win the battle, all this is done from Enchanted Book.

And there are many ways to make Enchanted Book, which are quite easy and very beneficial. So today we have explained the recipe of making some of the best Enchanted Books in a great way, in which you can make many Enchanted Books by taking some ingredients, then some of the ingredients given below are very important.

1 book
3 lapis lazuli

how to make enchanted book in minecraft

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First of all, you need a simple book that is very easy to make, which requires paper and lather to make, if you want a recipe for making a book, then click on the link given below in which the process of making a book is explained. And lapis lazuli which is very important for the enchanted book, to find which one has to go deep into the caves, then only this lapis lazuli players can get it easily.

And ENCHANTMENT TABLE can also be taken by the command in Minecraft. So first you put the ENCHANTMENT TABLE on the ground and click on it, then two options will appear in which you have to put the book and lapis lazuli, then after a while, the enchanted book will be ready in front of you. Use which to increase your mystical powers.

How to Find a enchanted Book in Minecraft

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There are many great places to find the Enchanted Book in Minecraft, where the Enchanted Book can be found quite easily, but they will already have their current power, which is a good thing for you, now where to find the Enchanted Book Here’s

how You can find enchanted books in the remains of citadels, desert temples, dungeons, quarries, pillar posts, underwater ruins, and woodland mansions. Fishing is another great way to get your hands on enchanted books without getting into too much trouble.

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1 Acacia Boat.
2 Acacia Boat with Chest.
3 Armor Stand.
4 Beetroot Seeds.
5 Birch Boat.
6 Birch Boat with Chest.
7 Bottle o’ Enchanting.
8 Bow.