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How to get diamonds in the Minecraft 1.19 Update

Minecraft offers many useful items and resources, but few come close to diamonds. The strength and effectiveness of diamond objects surpass only that of nephrite, which is an extremely rare material. Diamond is essentially the strongest substance found in the outside world. It can be used to craft armor, weapons, equipment, and other important resources like magic tables, etc.

While Diamond Ore was one of several ores whose generation was significantly affected after the Caves and Rocks Part 2 update, Minecraft Update 1.19 brings changes and additions that allow players to change how these gems are made. This article will guide the players to get the most out of their diamond mining experience.

1. Use wool in the Deep Dark

Minecraft’s Deep Dark Biome is set up as a scary and difficult area to navigate. This new biome is filled with a variety of skunk blocks, including skunk catchers, skunk howlers, and skunk catalysts.

Skull sensors detect vibrations and when this happens they themselves emit similar sounds, while skunks emit a high-pitched squeak when they detect a squeaking sound.

If players want to mine for diamonds in a deep dungeon, they can use wool blocks to prevent skulk sensors or howlers from being triggered. This can be achieved by placing wool blocks next to and/or on top of thatch blocks.

2. Strip mining

Believe it or not, the lower layers of the overworld are filled with diamond ores. Unfortunately, these diamond ores are rarely exposed to air, making them very difficult to find.

Diamond ores are usually produced around elevation level Y-59 in version 1.18 and above. Players can use various strategies to uncover stone blocks under the ground and find diamonds very quickly.

Strip mining is a popular mining strategy where a player mines directly in a 2×1 tunnel to uncover areas. After passing through several sections, players can make a U-turn by placing it two blocks vertically and then creating another tunnel.

Through strip mining, players can uncover the maximum area. While doing so they will find veins of many diamond ore. Players are advised to use the Fortune III pickaxe to get the maximum number of diamonds.

Best Diamond Mining Techniques and Tips in Minecraft

Before the 1.18.1 update, players would have to dig with a variety of mining techniques to find diamonds. But now, things have changed a lot, so here’s what you need to keep in mind.


Regardless of the Minecraft version, torches are a must when hunting diamonds. Placing them on reduces crowding, and they let you see better in the dark. But if you want something more effective, you can make your night vision potion.

Deep Slate Caves

Unlike previous versions, the best way to find diamonds in the 1.18.1 update is by cave hunting and not mining. If you look for large caves leading into negative Y levels, you can easily find diamond ores. Even in these caves, which focus more on deep slate blocks, not biomes, are more useful.

Water Bucket

Another important item that should be taken with you on a mining adventure is a bucket of water. Thanks to the deep caverns and steep hills, this update can easily kill you with fall damage. The water bucket helps you avoid this, and it also protects you from accidental trips inside the caves.

Follow the Lava

If you are a seasoned player, you will know that diamonds are produced in high concentrations near lava. The same is true with diamond ore in the Minecraft 1.18.1 update. When inside a deep slate cave, follow the lava to locate the diamond ores in the game.

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