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How to find village in Minecraft 1.19 update

The Minecraft 1.19.1 update has been released and includes several gameplay changes that affect the new Allay mobs. Now if players feed them Sapphire pieces, they can imitate, which was one of the main priorities of this update.

As Allays roam the dark corners of structures, our pick of the top Minecraft seeds this month includes plenty of jungle temples, woodland mansions, villages that grow in the shade of mountains, and more.

Now you can quickly find Allays and have them deliver items to you whenever and wherever you need them.

The Villages on Meadow Mountain

Seed: 2595113116242317821

You don’t roam next to a village on this seed, but the beauty of the three nearest villages makes the short walk to them worth the adventure. There are three villages within a few hundred blocks of Spawn on the outskirts of the Great Ring of Meadow Mountains.

Each village has its own field of flowers and provides the cool feeling that everyone wants to experience in a casual Minecraft world. When you’re ready, you can head to the canyon surrounded by mountains and build your village in the Flower Plains biome found there!

Village Bonanza

Seed: -4043078723174909697

Sometimes, you just don’t want to be alone. And sometimes, that means you need a Minecraft seed with an excessive amount of villages to keep running when you first spawn. This is the seed of those situations.

The villages are spread evenly and not close together like a lot of Minecraft seeds. This gives you ample opportunities for adventure without having to worry about long stretches of separation as you explore. There are over 20 villages to discover within 2k blocks of spawn! Think you can find them all?

Village on a High Pillar

Seed: -5694368681594500133

This seed has reached over 4,700 updates at the time of writing, and it’s not hard to see why. This incredibly unique Minecraft seed has a huge plinth with a small village on top. Anyone looking to attack the village appears under the Pillar Pillar, which means they can’t reach the villagers, and so the raid will end quickly!

11 Biomes at spawn

Seed: -8401040335508653605

It is not every day that you generate a new Minecraft biome and are greeted with such diverse locations. This is an amazing Minecraft seed with almost all biomes. On top of all that, they’re all neatly put together, so you won’t need to go far to get resources from each area.

If that wasn’t enough, you wander to the very center of the map. Why not take a sandy stroll through the plains of Mesa, then cool off in the lush green forests? You will definitely never want to leave this picturesque biome.

Two Mooshroom Islands

Seed: 630244794

Mushroom lovers will find this world entertaining because of how accessible these creatures are. You can find them with some exploration and even reach the monuments of the sea and a nearby village.

Enjoy mobless mouseroom islands, where you will always be safe even after dark. (One island can be found around 124,1040, and the other is at the far end of the sea monument)

Double Plains Village


Here’s another double village seed, but this time, they’re plain villages and even closer!

You will walk right next to one of the villages, the other located right opposite it. These are both plain villages, and they are only 40 blocks away from each other.

The closest we have seen is two villages emerging from each other! Both villages are medium sized, with a good amount of chests that you can loot.

Both of these have farmers being villagers, and one even includes a blacksmith!

One village is surrounded by a forest biome, while the other is located on a lake. These two are separated by a few blocks of water and some plain blocks.

This seed is perfect if you want to survive and thrive without a player being too aggressive. If this sounds like you, be sure to check it out!

Endless Beach

Seed: -1389577003656398696

Now another beach (as we can’t get enough beaches) and it has the added benefit of being endless – we feel like heaven!

Your first set of trees can be found soon after you head inland from your starting point and it won’t be long before you arrive at the right construction site for you. There is a lava pool, but you can cover it if you think it ruins the vibe, while potions and other items can be found if you head to the Nether.

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