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GTA 5 Player Discovers Hidden Secrets

Rockstar Games’ position at the pinnacle of AAA gaming is what the publisher has worked tirelessly to achieve, and the GTA franchise has always been their crown.

The GTA franchise has proven time and again that beneath all the satire, sarcasm and violence lies a deep passion for story. GTA games are filled with hilarious or even downright chilling mysteries and easter eggs, the answers to which the player-base scavenges.

Using the social media platform, a user reveals that in one mission Rockstar Games uses two flying trucks, which are normally invisible to players, but if you tweak the files you can make them visible. can make. User suggest they are used for cinematic cameras.

It adds a lot of depth and impetus to exploration in games. GTA V is one of Rockstar’s most ambitious projects to date and is home to some of the best kept secrets in the history of gaming.

Here we take a look at our 5 favorite Easter eggs and secrets in GTA V.

Mount Chiliad mystery

The Mount Chiliad mystery is one that has captivated the internet ever since first being discovered in GTA V. It mystery is still unsolved, and given that the game is now nearly seven years old, it is a testament to its complexity.

The secret can be discovered at the cable car station at the summit of Mount Chiliad. Etched into the wall is a map of what seems like Mount Chiliad and points to several secret objects and eludes to several other cool things such as a UFO.

Players have not yet been able to confirm whether the Mount Chiliad mystery map is indeed pointing to something or just exists as a random addition meant to confuse the player.

The Infinity Killer

Sometimes referred to as the Mr.8 killer, this elusive serial killer allegedly terrorized Los Santos and died in captivity, or did he? This is one of the best kept secrets in GTA V and one that has fascinated the players with the game world.

Although he is never seen in the game, he is mentioned several times throughout the plot. Merle Abrahams is responsible for the Infinity Murders in December of 1999, in which he killed eight people and buried them at a secret location in San Andreas.

There are several locations in GTA 5 with frescoes of Abraham detailing his psychic tendencies and making references to his murders. If the player chooses to follow their own path, they will be taken to a newspaper clipping that details the murderer’s death in prison in 2004.

Re-Enactment of a scene from Thelma & Louise

The scene will take place between 7 and 8 p.m., at Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, near Raton Canyon. If the player flies the helicopter near the cliff, they will see the final moments of the hit film Thelma & Lewis replayed in GTA.

In this random incident, a vehicle is surrounded by police cars and officers on the edge of a cliff. After attempting to approach an officer it will move right over the shore. This is a surefire event – if you kill all the cops the car will fall down.

Jack Howitzer’s Motel Room

Jack Howitzer is a recurring character who has appeared in the GTA series over the years. In GTA 5, the guy has a reality TV show filmed at a motor motel that is briefly watched on TV in-game. Players can visit the Motor Motel, try to fumble through doors and fall off the map. Afterwards, they can parachute until they reach the howitzer’s room, which features him and his friends.

Location and details

Jolene’s ghost appears on the top of Mount Gordo between 11 pm and midnight. When the player approaches, he disappears. The rock on which the ghost floats has the name “Jock” written in blood, accusing her husband (Jock Cranley) of murder. The ghost disappears from the scene as it approaches the player. You can see the marked location on the image below.

For more amazing discoveries, visit page 2 of our GTA 5 secrets. Remember to post in the comments if you discover any new easter eggs. If you’re looking for GTA 5 cheats, we have them too.

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