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As a newcomer to Los Santos, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast map of the area and the sheer number of activities available upon your arrival. After spending more than 40 hours in the city, I’ve got some advice that will help get you on the right track to wealth.

GTA Online is GTA 5‘s multiplayer, one of the best RPGs ever. Due to its wide scope and complexity, getting started is not easy. So, in this GTA Online beginners guide, we will list the top things that new players need to do to get off to a good start in the game.

Pick Your Getaway Vehicles Wisely

Some dacoits require you to buy a getaway vehicle. Whatever you do, avoid using purchased vehicles for this purpose. I made this mistake with a $100,000 sports car, which I completely ditched, and it never returned to my garage after missions (which is smart play for a criminal who wants to stay out of jail).

Instead, I recommend hijacking a good getaway car, hauling it to Los Santos Customs (better car armor and bulletproof tires are highly recommended), and dropping it off at the extraction point.

Robbing stores

Being an open world game, GTA takes it to the next level where players can actually interact with everything. There are a few stores scattered throughout the map in Los Santos and Blaine County. These can be general stores, pumps, clothing stores or Ammu-Nation.

Hold-up is easy enough as players only need to point a gun at the cashier and shoot around them to create an intimidation. Once the cashier is frightened, they will quickly empty the register and leave a bag full of cash for the player to pick up. Some stores have a second register, which can only be cleared by shooting. Beginners should be prepared as some cashiers may also be armed.

Get Guns from Ammu-Nation

If you want to stock up on guns and other weapons, these can be purchased from any Ammu-nation, which is indicated on the map with the handgun symbol. Note that when you first start the game, weapon availability will be low. As you progress through the main story, Ammu-Nation will increase its stock of available guns and armor. You’ll also receive an email when something new is in stock!

As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire tons of weapons for free. You can also find weapons scattered throughout Los Santos, so keep your eyes peeled.

Make Money in the Early Game

Cash controls everything, and you’ll need a lot of it to buy fancy cars, invest in properties, and pay for myriad hospital visits. Here are some reliable ways to farm cash in the early game.

Invest in the stock market through your phone’s browser. You can also influence stock prices through some of the missions and actions you do and get stock tips by listening to talk radio. And of course, buy cheap and sell high!

Smash convenience stores, liquor stores, and supermarkets. Walk into the store and point your gun at the store clerk for the register money. Some shops also have multiple registers, but you’ll have to run away after committing a robbery.

Rob armored truck. Sometimes, you can drive with an armored truck. Once you eliminate the drivers, you can open the back door and let the cash in.

Complete robbery mission. These story missions will net you a ton of cash. The first stolen casing available is The Jewel Store. Complete it and choose the smart route for maximum profit!

Rob Stores

Common crime is at its peak. If you find yourself only a few hundred short to be able to shop, easily solve your shortfall by pulling up arms at the local convenience store. Point your crosshair at the clerk and wait for them to clear the register.

If there are multiple registers, open and shoot the others after the clerk is empty and running. Such petty robberies will still result in the police being called, so be prepared to run and defeat the police once you get cash in hand.

Use passive mode

If you’re tired of fighting with other players all the time, just turn on idle mode. It’s an immortal mode in which you can’t be hit or damaged by other players… but you can’t interact with them either. With it activated, your character will look like a ghost to other players… and any vehicle you enter will be invulnerable.

The weakness of passive mode is that you can’t actively participate in any freemode events with it… and you can’t activate it if you have a bounty on your head.