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best tips for new Minecraft speedrunners in 2022

Minecraft is the fastest running game in the world. There are many contributing factors to this. It is the success of content creators like Dream that have helped it run fast in the public eye. They bring in new players and require skill and luck.

However, because fast-paced Minecraft is so popular, there is a lot of competition at the highest and entry-level levels. This article dives into five great tips for players who want to start running at a faster pace.

While some people use Minecraft Speedrun Seeds to gain an early advantage in the game, others want to experience the new gameplay without supporting tools. If you belong to the second group, here are the best beginner tips for increasing speed in Minecraft.

1. Hunt Endermen

Players are required to have Ender Pearls to fortify Ender Eyes, which in turn allows them to explore strongholds containing End Portals. Only by entering those portals can you reach the End to fight the Ender Dragon. For this reason the cultivation of Ender Pearl is very important in Speedrun.

Overall, players can farm Endermen in the Netherlands. This is the easiest way, as they move around a lot in the location and there are no other crowds to distract you. Alternatively, players can ride horses across the desert at night to find the Endermen.

2. Three Villages

Our next best Minecraft 1.19 seed is simple and perfect for running fast, even if you are a beginner. This spawns you next to two villages between which are the most important types of Minecraft villagers. You can trade for your travels, collect resources, or stick to farmed crops.

After that, you have to visit the third nearby village and use its various lava and water sources for your Netherland adventure. Once you are back in your native village, there is a citadel beneath it. Happy coincidence, isn’t it?

3. TheBlazer97

In ninth place is speedrunner TheBlazer97 from Argentina. They managed to finish the game in 16 minutes 14 seconds. The main strategy here also revolved around marine structures, and one of the biggest advantages was finding a maritime monument with lots of gold for the piglin trades.

Using some additional beads obtained from trade with the Pigglins, he was able to cross a large location in the Netherlands and reach the nearest fortress to the Blaze Rods. Once out of the Nether, he was lucky to find a village while looking for a stronghold to collect the beds needed to defeat the Ender Dragon.

4. WORLD RECORD SEED: 1156391694

This is the go-to seed that a lot of speedrunners used to achieve the 1% speedrun record. This seed has three blacksmiths and if you know what you are doing, you will get the best results with this seed.

Not all seeds are beginner-friendly and we recommend trying some of the easiest seeds before you try the world record seed to get your fastest run possible.

5. Fruitberries

Josh “Frutberry” is a Canadian Minecraft YouTuber and streamer who is known in the community for his impressive skills in the game, excelling at jumping smoothly even over difficult terrain. He particularly excels at parkour challenges and has taken many tough tracks in the championship minigame, “TGTTOSAWAF”.

He was part of a Minecraft Championship team that won its first competition. From there, the team continued to earn two more individual victories and then won the group trophy in their next tournament.

6. Learn how to get ender pearls quickly

Ender Pearl is one of the two most important items to speed up the game. This is because the Ender is one of two items needed to complete the Pearl Run, the other being Blaze Rods, which can be turned into Blaze Powder.

There are a few different methods for getting the final pearl quickly, trapping the Endermen in boats, plowing through the wild for them, or bartering with the piglin, the latter method being faster than the first. Barter is the fastest way to get the final pearl, although it is also heavily RNG dependent.

Who is the fastest Minecraft speedrun 2022?

Cube1337x: Like the others, Brentilda started her Minecraft speedrun in version 1.16 of the game. He entered the world and quickly found a village, which gave him a fresh start. He collected all the things he could get from the village like food, bedding, wood and iron.

Like every other speedrun, the Cube1337x originated in a random world in version 1.16 of the game. He quickly saw a shipwreck, plundered several iron ingots and quickly made a set of tools. He made a boat out of boat wood and began to explore the sea. Soon, they found a group of magma blocks in a deep ditch. They swam into the abyss and immediately made a lower portal to enter the hellish realm.

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