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best Minecraft mob farms for XP in 2022

You can hire monster spawners to build an automated Minecraft XP farming system. These underground blocks can spawn new monsters until the light source is turned off or until the spawner is turned off.

If you have a specific monster species, you can place one or more of these hoppers near the spawner. These hoppers can be placed under chests to automatically spawn mobs and XP. It is important that you can beat the crowd on the platform.

Top 5 Best Minecraft mob farms for XP

Collecting XP in Minecraft is a very important task. It allows players to use the best enhancements in Minecraft, get extra credits on some Minecraft survival servers, and level up in the game. But, increasing your XP is not an easy task.

Luckily, if you know how to build a mob farm in Minecraft, you can easily get XP. To get started with mob farms, all you need is a little planning and a few basics. When it’s ready, you’ll be ready to syndicate mob farm with your best minecraft house ideas for free boosts.

1. Cave Spider and Spider XP Farm

Spiders and cave spiders are hostile mobs that can be found in caves. Both provide almost the same experience when killed. However, what makes this form easy to build is that finding a cave spider spawner is somewhat easier.

You can always find a cave spider spawner inside a mineshaft when exploring caves. The area is already closed (to an extent) and you won’t need to build a structure around it.

The risk comes with securing the spawner without entering the mineshaft and dying. Cave spiders are a nuisance, as they lay large numbers of eggs and give venom when they kill you.

Make sure to prepare yourself well and have ready-made milk or honey.

The basic design for a Cave Spider XP Farm usually included the spawner and running water inside a cave that would push the spiders into a nook where you could easily kill them.

Because they are small and can easily fit through narrow spaces, you will need to make sure they have no way out.

2. Kelp XP farm

The kelp farm is quite simple to make and doesn’t require much to make. The great thing about kelp is that it can be used as a food, but an excess of it can be used to dry the kelp you’ve collected.

Just get kelp and some water, let it grow and harvest it. Once harvested you can dry it for food, or just use dry kelp to dry your next batch in the furnace.

It requires little effort and construction and is a perfect start.

3. Dripstone farm

The Caves & Cliffs update introduced a new block called Point Dripstone. Players can find these blocks in small patches inside regular caves or dripstone cave biomes. As long as players don’t mind going to caves for dripstone, building a dripstone farm is a great option.

Spiked dripstones grow when hanging from a block with running water on top. Players can cultivate pointed dripstones using observers and pistons. Dripstone blocks can be prepared using pointed dripstones.

4. Guardian farm

With a Guardian Farm, players can obtain an infinite supply of beautiful Prismarine blocks. However, building a Guardian Farm is difficult, as players usually have to drain water from an entire ocean monument.

Guardian farms also produce a lot of fish and can be used as food farms. It can also be used for farming experience points, but beware the effects of thorns from Guardians.

5. Gold Farm

Minecraft or not, everyone loves gold, and in this game, there are many benefits that come with it. You can trade gold with villagers for many good things. Or you can use the gold to make various gold armor. Now we know that gold is important, so let us see how to cultivate gold in the best way.

There are several gold farms you can try out in Minecraft, but these are the two that work best. Both versions involve building a stage in the Netherlands and then trapping Zombiffs piglen spawns.

Once they are trapped, one farm will let you kill them, and another will kill them automatically. So one of the fields is considered AFK while the other is not.

Minecraft mob xp farm list

  • Kelp XP Farm
  • AFK Fish Farms
  • Mob Spawner Farm
  • Traditional Mob Grinder
  • Cactus + Bamboo XP Farm
  • Cave Spider Farm
  • Automatic Fish Farm
  • Portal Farm

Of the many resources, experience points are among the most useful ones in Minecraft and mob farming is the primary source of XP in the game. This article lists some of the best mobs for XP farming.

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