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best character in free fire for headshot

Free fire is in the list of very famous game and every player wants to be a pro player of this game but due to lack of proper knowledge of the game, they are not able to win the game and can not improve the rank but free fire Has given some special characters, with the help of which it becomes easy to win the match.

Due to a perfect character and his good abilities, matches can be won quite easily and with the character having the ability to hit headshots, the player can hit the enemy very accurately in one go, but choosing a better character is very important.

But we have brought you a list of the best characters, using which you can hit a better headshot.


1. Dasha character

Dasha has a total of 4 abilities that can be used to hit headshots. Things like Damage Reduction, Recovery Time Reduction, Recoil Buildup Rate Reduction, Maximum Recoil Reduction in Dasha character are given in better levels, with the help of which it will be easier for the player to hit the headshot.

best character in free fire for headshot

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Damage reduction from fall (%) 30 32 35 39 44 50
Recovery time reduction from fall (%) 60 62 65 69 74 80
Recoil buildup rate reduction (%) 6 6.4 7 7. 8.8 10
Maximum recoil reduction (%) 6 6.4 7 7. 8.8 10

additional Info

By using this character, the accuracy of the gun is very good, due to which the player is very easy to hit a better headshot. While using dasha character, the player should use his ability, using which the player will get good benefit in winning the match. The player must try this character.


best character in free fire for headshot

WUKONG is one of the best characters, due to his certain ability, the player has to be able to hit a perfect headshot. The player can take it by giving only 499 diamonds.

Stability is the key to hitting a perfect headshot, without it hitting a headshot is difficult, but techniques often differ at long range and close range and each player must play the game according to their own style.

3. Kelly

best character in free fire for headshot

Kelly is one of the best characters, it is a very detailed character and players like to use this character because of its special abilities. Its ability is Dash, which increases running speed by 1%. The character has eight levels, and at maximum one, the running speed is increased by 6%.

This character has the ability to hit headshots, which can be used to hit the best head shorts. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try.

4. D-Bee

best character in free fire for headshot

According to the description of Free Fire, D-Bee is a street dancer who loves going to concerts. He has a passive skill called Bullet Beats. At its base level, this ability increases speed by 5% and accuracy by 10% which.

D-Bee character will be the perfect character for the player, its ability is quite amazing, it is perfect for long range and shot range, which will be used very little to hit headshot, this character the player must try.

5. A124

best character in free fire for headshot

The A124 has proved to be a great choice for many high-elo players, as his special ability ‘Thrils of Battle’ allows him to quickly convert a portion of his EP to HP. Energy Points provide players with an immediate HP boost and help them eliminate retreating enemies.

She is almost beautiful in every way from her body to face to AI. On the other hand, the organization made a serious error in underestimating the AI ​​of the A124. It turned out to be too lively and the steel body programming cracked, making it wicked.

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