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5 must-have Minecraft villagers in 2022

Villagers make up a village in Minecraft. As players explore within a village, they encounter different types of villagers. These villagers, like human beings, do day-to-day work and follow the schedule set for the day.

The most common rural jobs include farmers, clerics, fishermen and librarians. But in sports, there are more rural jobs than those mentioned. In addition, job site blocks will also be needed to get new businesses to the villagers to work.

5 Best Villager Jobs Ranked

However, there are other villagers who have such abilities. Which separated them from the traditional set of villagers. But these villagers are always neglected, neglected, underestimated. Whatever you want to call their condition. But let us tell you that these villages are the God Villagers of Minecraft.

1. Shepherd Villager

Of course, the usefulness of a shepherd villager (made with a loom) depends on whether you raise the sheep yourself.

However, if you do, a shepherd will prove to be another easy source of profit, as from the very beginning, they will give you emeralds in exchange for wool.

Plus, once they get a little bit of experience, they’ll sell you wool and rugs in one of 16 different colors.

It’s extremely easy if you’re trying to give your minecraft home a particular interior aesthetic or color scheme, but you don’t have the time to look for the materials needed for a particular dye color.

2. Shepherd Villagers in Minecraft

So, you built your village and decided to build your own farm. Where you can grow your crops and keep your livestock to graze in the fields.

However, this idea turns out to be a complete disaster? Do you have more animals than you need? Are you tired and shredding your list full of wool?

Then the cowboy villagers are your saviors in Minecraft. They are the only villagers who trade wool for the Emeralds. Just make a loom and put it down. Then you will have a constant supply of emeralds for your wool.

In addition, they trade wool and carpets in exchange for emeralds. But the best part is that they have all 16 colors of wool and carpet in Minecraft. So, if you are planning to follow a certain type of design or theme. Then these villagers in Minecraft are for you.

3. Librarian

Librarians are perfect for generating the tools you need while traveling the world. You can get yourself some powerful enchantment books, which will help you in difficult situations, but there are also tons of emeralds to earn from these villagers.

The best way to earn emeralds from a librarian is to sell them paper and ink bags. As long as you’re going around the world on a regular basis, these are pretty easy.

Librarians are also an important way to pick up mailing enchantments. You can lock a villager in a small room with a lecturer, and then check their list. Most of the time they will have the first book Mending Enchantment. You can always repeat the process a few times if it isn’t.

Your Toolsmith will be one of the most important and useful villagers you meet or work with. These people will provide you with all the tools you could ever need, and you will need them.

You might think it’s easy enough to have all the tools you need for your building and quest, but they all eventually break down. When they do, your toolsmith can sell you new ones. They may only have basic or enchanted equipment to start with, but after a few levels you can pick up a Diamond Pickaxe, and more.

These villagers are terrible as far as earning emeralds is concerned. You will spend more emeralds than you earn by selling emeralds. Just stick to buying the tools you need and you’ll be fine.

5. Cartographer

Cartographer may not sound like a good profession at first, but we assure you it has its uses. Usually they sell blank maps and paper which is fine but not great for the price of emeralds.

However, upon leveling up they have a rare chance to sell the map to Woodland Mansion!

The Woodland Mansion is the rarest structure in the game and finding it without a map can be next to impossible.

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