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5 best server-hosting sites for Minecraft 1.19 update

With a user base of over 141 million players, Minecraft is known for its huge community. Most of the people in this community regularly meet and play on one of the countless Minecraft online servers.

While some of these servers are hosted on players’ individual systems, others have the support of powerful third-party hosts. Thanks to this, there are a lot of Minecraft server hosting services that you can use to put your Minecraft house and adventures online as well.

Top Minecraft Server Hosting Services

Now that you know what a server is capable of and what you need to look for, it is time to list down the best Minecraft server hosting services of 2022. You can also look at the pros and cons of each service to make the right one. options according to your needs.

1. BisectHosting

Bisect has hosted Minecraft servers for several years and is still going strong in 2022.n

Players can host their ideal server in minutes with the service’s easy-to-use tools, including a customizable server dashboard to make further adjustments where needed.

Bisect Server also has compatibility with over 700 different modpacks that can be easily integrated by the host in just a few clicks. The host also provides DDoS protection, preventing malicious players from causing server crashes and disconnections.

2. Apex Hosting

A popular hosting option that many players and even streamers use to set up their custom Minecraft online servers is ApexHosting. Apart from the regular basic servers, they also offer a ton of extra features.

From automatic backups, one-click ModPack and instant setup to get your servers running faster, Apex offers it all. Their control system seems to be the easiest to handle, and apart from the handy detailed video guide, you can also get professional help.

3. Scala cube

Following a series of affordable options, we have Scalacube. Out of all the hosts on our list, this is the only Minecraft server hosting service that also offers a free tier. However, their normal plans start at $2.50 and go up to $96. They also provide one-click installation for 1000+ mods. You also get a custom forum and a Minecraft Launcher, which is a great way to personalize a server

Scalacube also offers high-end servers like Bisect with 32GB of RAM. Server pricing on Scalacube may sound cheap, but it compromises on some essential features such as lack of instant support, no free backups, and more. However, if you just want to experience what it’s like to host a Minecraft server for free, this might be a good place to start.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a reliable option if you need Minecraft servers or web hosting in general. It offers a range of affordable services including shared, cloud and VPS hosting. It also gives you a choice of several Minecraft plans, which provide all the necessary features, such as DDoS protection and Intel Xeon CPU hardware.

Hostinger’s Minecraft packages are built on VPS servers, so you’ll have dedicated resources to play the game exactly the way you want. While Hostinger offers web hosting all over the world, including Australia, its Minecraft game servers are located in the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania.

As far as modding is concerned, Hostinger provides an installer that enables you to configure modified Minecraft servers. The installer includes an extensive modpack selection for Minecraft, and also supports third-party plugins and mods.

5. Nodecraft

Our last recommendation is Nodecraft, a gamer-friendly provider with highly optimized services for Minecraft. It promises no lag, which is made possible with the Xeon processor thanks to its high-performance hardware. Plus, thanks to the dedicated Nodecraft app, it’s possible to easily manage your games from your mobile device.

The custom control panel will help you set up your server in seconds, and you’ll also get access to hundreds of modpacks. Additionally, Nodecraft offers modified Minecraft servers, which means you have the option of launching the instance with the mod ready to go.

Also, with Nodecraft, you get to choose from 12 data centers that are DDoS protected. Server locations include the US, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. You will also enjoy playing without any crashes or interruptions as Nodecraft only allows 12 clients per device on an average.

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