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TOP 5 weakest Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, ranked

Like many people, Pokémon Go has reignited my childhood love for Pokémon and introduced me to the first (and best) generation of Nintendo’s little monsters in the process. The original 150 (151 if you include Mew) has some of the greatest Pokémon ever created and while the later generations will bring a whole slew of just plain awesome character designs.

the first generation also has quite a few stinks. Is. Everyone has their own preferences and while you can’t agree with all of the following Pokémon being declared the worst of their respective generation, it’s hard to see any of them among anyone’s favorites.


1. Noibat

Noibat can be a tricky Pokémon to evolve (Image via The Pokémon Company) It may be one of the rarest Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Go, but Noibat isn’t much special in a fight.

Her max attack stat doesn’t even reach 100 (she maxes out at 83), and she doesn’t have particularly good defense or stamina stats to compensate.

As it evolves into Pokémon Noivar, it becomes a more formidable opponent, but requires 400 Noibat Candies to do so. Due to its development cost and rarity, Noibat is a long-term candy-collection project that will really pay off in combat only if it develops into its final form.

2. Venomoth

Venomoth is an evolved form of Venonet. This Generation I bug/poison-type has never been one of the stronger Pokemon in the main series, and nothing has changed in GO.

Venomoth has the weaknesses of Fire, Psychic, Flying, and Rock, which are some of the more common attack types. In terms of quick moves, confusion and transition are in between in terms of DPS.

EPS and recharge time. As far as charged moves are concerned, both Bug Buzz and Silver Wind are pretty weak and the Poison Fang is useless on Venomoth. Psychic, while powerful in the main series, is only slightly above average in GO.

3. Articuno

Articuno has a lot of damage that immediately makes it one of the weakest Legendary Pokémon. Its ice/flying typing makes it susceptible to stealth rock and sun team tactics that use advanced fire-type moves. While its base special defense and special attack stats are promising at 125 and 95 respectively.

it will still be on the backfoot with its poor 85 speed from the start. Galerian Articuno has some of the more useful stat spreads with Boosted Special Attacks at the cost of some protection. However, even its increased 95 speed isn’t enough to make this Pokémon perfect.

4. Shedinja

With an HP of just 1, Shedinja cannot survive a single attack. With its low speed state, it is unlikely to attack first, so any move it knows is functionally useless.

The way one acquires a Shedinja is unique – it appears in your party when the Nincada evolves into Ninjask and the player has an open slot and an extra Poke Ball. But interesting mechanics don’t necessarily equate to strong Pokémon.

5. Swanna

Swan is a swan-like water/flying type Pokémon that is on the verge of being a good fighter, but falls short in critical areas.

Its stats are a bit down, and the electric type of move will knock Swanna unconscious in a matter of seconds. It does have some good resistance though, and its move-sets would be more effective if it had more attack.

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