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Anime is famous among many people for comedy, today they have been provided some of the best in India which will have full of comedy which will make you laugh laughing because there is a lot of special thing in these anime which will not be there in other anime.

So today we will be counting down our picks for the top 5 most popular anime in India. Since the early 2000s, there has been a huge audience for anime in India. There are some anime series that has made a huge impact on the lives of the people of India. Which still people like to watch.


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If you like shin-chan then you should also watch this anime Shown, which was released in 1991 on the Pogo channel in India! And there is a child named HAGEMARU in the story.

This character’s comedy is world famous which will make you laugh and his family is shown so stingy that you can’t imagine even his pet dog is like him. The story is mostly shown between HAGEMARU and friends and the teacher. If seen, the series of this which became quite popular in India.


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There is a huge island called One Piece, in the story, a boy named Luffy is seen who is 17 years old, the purpose of becoming a pilot of this is to make many other friends by roaming around the big exciting places and many more Join the fight to win and find ONE PIece with Luffy who sets out with his teammates to find One Piece where he’ll

face a lot of adversity and adventure while also revealing some mistresses, including dangerous animes has also been encountered. Because all of them can reach One Piece, only a few episodes of it are available in Hindi. Which was released on Hungama TV in 2013.


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The main character of the story, Kankichi, comes up with a scheme to make some money, through new gadgets. Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails, in terms of comedy, this anime is equal to Shin-chan, and most importantly, this show was shown on Disney, Hungama, and many such great channels.

but later due to some problems This series was banned in India but the happy thing is that some episodes are also available on youtube which is shown in Hindi. If we talk about the series, then many great characters in the series are one-to-one. He plays comedy characters very well. Which you will like very much.

crayon shinchan

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One of the most popular and longest-lasting comedy anime ever of Crayon Shin-Mach, its belt has more than 1,000 episodes and is dubbed in dozens of countries outside Japan. So who does not know Shin Chan who is a 5-year-old child?

Which comes at number one in terms of comedy, Crayon Shinchan was given a lot of status in the case of comedy in many countries. which was released in 1992, and since then, the popularity of this show has been increasing so far. Which you must see.


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doraemon is a great cat robot, who has gadgets of the future, through which he always helps nobita in trouble Doraemon is sent from the future here for one reason, which is nobita’s future is quite a in danger. Now to make the same past future right, Doraemon has been sent to Nobita.

Because the future of Nobita can improve, the story started from here itself, now no one knows when the story will end. There are many episodes of Doraemon in which there are many great characters, such as Gian, Shizuka, and Suneo, such great characters are present. Without whom the show would be incomplete.


1 Naruto – 1,970,000.
2 Demon Slayer – 1,510,000.
3 Pokemon – 1,400,000.
4 Jujutsu Kaisen – 1,040,000.
5 My Hero Academia – 1,020,000.
6 Attack on Titan – 817,000.
7 One Piece – 572,000.
8 Sailor Moon – 419,000.

In short, Naruto will not only win but he will also destroy Luffy. But don’t be discouraged, One Piece fans; Luffy is powerful in his own way and is part of a different universe. While he is not going to be able to take on Naruto, he will certainly be able to defeat Kado.