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top 5 best Servers for Minecraft to join as a beginner off 2022

What are the best Minecraft servers? Servers make the world go round. Or, at least, the world of Minecraft. It’s no secret that the PC community boasts of the most ambitious players in the world, and there’s no better proof of this than the best Minecraft servers.

Architectural artist’s paradise, Minecraft has been a great creative outlet for players who can build to their heart’s content without knowing a single line of code.


1. Autcraft

Autcraft is a server specially designed for children and adults with autism. It’s designed to be a safe haven for anyone who wants to get rid of the potentially bulky stuff you’ll find on other servers. This includes things like no creepy characters and making sure everything is kept kid-friendly. You will need to apply to connect to the server, but if you build it you are good to go.

It’s not doing anything special in terms of how it plays out, but it’s useful to know if you or a family member has autism and want to know if it’s safe to go somewhere.

2. CubeCraft

CubeCraft has a smaller but arguably more intricately crafted selection of minigames and mods than most Minecraft servers. I’m having a lot of fun with their massive selection of parkour maps, which feature multiple themes each with different levels of difficulty in three different modes.

And that’s just parkour. Other modes of cube craft are equally detailed and well-designed, with hundreds of players logged into Skywars, Tower Defense, Archer Assault, or any other mode in its rotating selection of popular games at any one time.

3. Fallen Kingdom

Ever wished that Minecraft was actually a tower defense game? You can find out what the Fallen Kingdom will look like on the Minecraft servers. Inspired by the Fallen Kingdom universe created by popular YouTuber Jordan Maron (CaptainSparkles), this server allows you to choose your kingdom’s colors and create different raid paths.

One downside is that you have to choose whether you’re the king or queen, making it unwieldy for non-binary players and awkward for players who may share an individual or account with people of different genders. Hopefully, a third ‘Royal’ option will be added in the future, but the game itself is well made and a lot of fun. The low player count is also nothing to worry about, as the entire server is just one game.


Creative Fun is a Minecraft server that allows players in Creative Mode to build on their dedicated portion of allocated land, formally referred to as a “plot”. It is excellent for any Minecraft beginner due to its simplicity and distinctly uncompetitive nature. The only thing the server offers is Creative Mode.

Here, it’s just about having fun building and enjoying what others build. While the servers are easy for anyone to get hold of in just a few minutes, the creative fun does offer some gameplay-enhancing features. These include a rollback system to prevent any mishaps, roleplay player nametags, and finally, world-editing command access for more advanced users.


If you are a Minecraft player who misses the shooty-bang-gang thrill of Call of Duty, Brawl is one of the best Minecraft servers for you. Think of your favorite FPS mode and there’s a good chance it’s featured: From Capture the Flag to Last Man Standing, Brawl is hours of action-packed fun.

In fact, battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG can partially trace their legacy back to the last man standing on Minecraft servers, so you can die with the feeling over and over again that you’re going back to where everything started. happened.

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