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top 5 Best Multiplayer Games Like Paladins in 2022

Are you a fan of first-person shooter games and want to compete with friends to show your abilities and powers? Then you are in the right place where you find top 10 games like Overwatch offering great multiplayer (1st and 3rd person shooting) game with team-based experience. Unleash your powers, team up with other players, lead your team in battle, pit against opponents, and defeat them by destroying their bases.

1. Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena is an Action, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Adventure video game created by Ucool for Android and iOS. The game takes place in a challenging environment and introduces several playable character classes. You can assume the role of the protagonist and choose your character to jump into the online battle arena where you can team up with other players from around the world to battle against a rival team.

Each character has its own unique abilities, spells and weapons. You explore the land from an isometric perspective and fight against enemies using your powerful sword to earn points. During the gameplay, you can use shields to defend yourself from enemy attacks and change weapons to kill enemies.

In the beginning the game seems easy to play, but as you progress, the game becomes desperate to play. Earn as many points as you can and use these points to increase your power, level up and unlock additional content. Fast-paced fun, intuitive controls, arsenal of weapons, new factions, etc. are the main features of the game. Try and watch.

2. Dota

Dota is an amazing, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Role-playing Combat and Defense video game developed by Valve Corporation. The game focuses on two different teams and lets you choose one of them and dive into the battle. Team against all team members, main objective to destroy heavily protected structures, bases and corners of the map. You can use giant units called Heroes and get help from AI (Artificial Intelligence) controlled fighters.

Explore the game world, collect resources (gold, iron, metals, silver, and more), and use them to buy items, equipment, and weapons to level-up during missions. The plot revolves around two teams namely Scourge and Sentinel.

3. Warframe

Warframe is a stylized, movement-heavy, third-person shooter that can be boiled down to a surprisingly simple premise: Robot ninjas fighting in space. You can play through the main story, or tackle side quests alone or with friends.

Warframe is a game’s time-sink; While its shooting action is solid and the mission-based structure is very accessible to new players, weapons, equipment, and more will demand a significant grind to earn if you’re a collection-crazy player. Nonetheless, Warframe is a stylish looking title, so give it a shot if you’re itching for action.

4. Art of War: Red Tides

Are you looking for a MOBA spin-off that highlights RTS elements, but is deep enough to keep you busy with every match? Well, we’ve got the free-to-play beauty just for you. Art of War: Red Tides takes that classic MOBA structure – funneling you down a channel with loads of units as you try to destroy a base at the other end – but with all the busy work in between. removes. It might not appeal to the fancier among us, but for those looking to replicate the relaxed participation of a mobile title on your PC, it’s right up your alley.

5. Planetside 2

PlanetSide 2’s massive battles have made Battlefield’s vast maps smaller. This intergalactic FPS has a unique system in which everything you do affects the rating of your faction. It was driven out by three factions in order to control important areas and capture the necessary resources. The most interesting thing about PlanetSide 2 is that battles can often take days, even weeks.

They’re just massive enough that when you log off, other faction members will pick up where you left off. With a deeply customizable system, a complex skill tree, and a wide array of combat scenarios, Planetside 2 rarely feels like anything new. PlanetSide 2 is available on PC and PS4.

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