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The Funniest Anime Shows Ever Made

Comedy anime have their own distinctive ways of telling a story with laughter as the main ingredient, which can run from giving someone a good laugh to making them fall over and burst their stomach.

Almost every mangaka, within several genres such as shnen, shjo, isekai, slice of life, romance and more, tries to implement all possible aspects to balance emotion in anime.

Funny anime has its own division where the humor element is concentrated to a greater extent. With witty storylines and hilarious characters, these shows are the best in their league to make the audience laugh.

NOTE : Comedy is a genre that is generally liked. Sure, just like music, everyone likes a certain kind of comedy. What is clear, however, is that everyone wants a sense of humor in their life. Some people enjoy toilet humor, while others enjoy more subtle comedy. We all need laughter to live a happy life, no matter who we laugh at.

1. To Be Hero

First you have an ordinary plumber. Very pretty to look at, but lazy with a splash of laziness. More than a sprinkle is fine. He spends his day attacking women and talking about their superpower: the ability to tell a woman’s hip size at a glance.

But wouldn’t you know that, now he actually has superpowers… after pulling a Mario and going down a pipe (a toilet pipe to be more precise).

The only downside is that she is now a fat and ugly person whose own daughter may not recognize her. If “sucking up the toilet to get superpowers” doesn’t sound like a grand old comedy, we must have different tastes!

2. Shin Chan

One of the most popular and longest-running comedy anime of all time, Crayon Shin-chan has over 1,000 episodes and has been dubbed in dozens of countries outside Japan. This fun series explores the world of kindergartener Shin-chan.

a fiery boy who has a knack for causing chaos and asking inappropriate questions to adults. Shin-chan’s humor is juvenile, but it’s also the biggest appeal.

The childhood adventure surprise matches well with the silly offbeat jokes. This top comedy anime is perfect for anyone looking for easy laughs without any exposition.

3. Gintama

Set in a fictional feudal Tokyo occupied by aliens, the story follows Gintoki Sakata and his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, who take on various strange jobs and missions.

Gintoki is a drunken freelancer whose job it is to solve people’s problems so that he can earn enough money to pay the rent. Much of the show is based on Japanese culture and history,

which made it nearly impossible to show in English until about 2016, when people were familiar enough with the show’s jokes and references that a dub could work.

4. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobes takes the “cute girls doing cute things” subgenre and throws cuteness out the window, replacing the trope with a trio of overactive middle schoolers and unbridled chaos.

Hanako, Kasumi and Olivia form the Pastimers Club to find cool things to do after school. They create a series of strange challenges and games, with strange results as well.

His facial expressions and dramatic reactions mimic classic slapstick comedy and keep any comedy fan on the edge of their seats.

5. Beelzebub

Have you ever thought about raising the son of the Demon Lord? no right? Then what would you do if you had to pick one up? Tatsumi Oga is in the same situation.

Although he is the toughest fighter in his entire school, which is full of criminals, he may have a really hard time trying to raise Beelzebub.

the son of the demon lord. He is helped by Hildegard, the baby demon maid. Join their daily life as they try to bring up the demon baby.

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