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PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

Our ‘PUBG Mobile: The Best Tips and Tricks!’ Welcome to the guide Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is fast becoming the most popular game in the world. People play it all over the world in cafes and on roadsides.

This is a great way to relax with friends or spend time after work. The best thing about PUBG is its simplicity. Basically, you are thrown onto an island with 99 other players and your goal is to be the last one remaining.

The map degrades over time, so you must travel continuously. PUBG is easy to learn but difficult to master. so here we are.

PUBG Mobile tips and trick

There are so many little tips and tricks worth knowing about pubg that we decided to compile a big ol’ list of them right here, dividing them into relevant categories so you can choose to go ahead, or just go for your vacation. to browse on.

Before diving in though, it’s worth talking a little bit about how to access PUBG matches in general, especially if you’re a newcomer or want to learn the game a little better.

1. Practice recoil

Training Mode is one of the best features you can use inside PUBG Mobile, as it allows you to hone your skills as a good PUBG Mobile player. One technique I would urge you to practice in training mode is the repetition of different guns.

PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

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All guns have different recoil creating different spray patterns. So to practice the retreat grab the gun of your choice, head to a wall and start shooting. After about 10 shots, check to see how the spray pattern formed on the wall.

Once you see this, during the next round of shooting, try to back off by forcing the gun to shoot in one spot. This will help you a lot during matches as you will be able to shoot stably at a competitor instead of employing the technique of ‘spray and pray.

2. How to pick your region server

Region switching used to be an easy way to move to another area, appear as a new player and win easily.

PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

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Now you can change the region only once every 60 days. To find the option, go into selection mode and you will see the region in the top right, tap on it and you will find the setting where you can change the region.

If you are having poor ping in your own region or you are away from home and playing in the wrong region, this can fix it.

3. Take advantage of your map

In the mobile version, instead of just placing markers on the map, you also have a dotted line that takes you directly from your current location to your marker, along with how far you are from it.

PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

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By looking at your marker line when you’re on the plane, you’ll know when is the best time to jump to get to your desired location.

Also, you’ll want to pay special attention to the minimap at the top right of the screen during regular play as it can track gunfire and oncoming vehicles. Plus, you’re constantly alerted to impending dangers that will help you stay safe while driving your enemies away.

4. Check Server Ping or Change Server

PUBG Mobile is a game that is internet dependent and a lot depends on the PUBG servers. So don’t forget to check the server ping before you start gaming. Well, it’s the response time from the server.

PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

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This is basically the time it takes for the bullets to leave your phone when you depress the trigger on its end. In the PUBG Mobile game, Tencent is currently offering five servers to choose from. Each server has a different ping time.

Choose the server with the lowest ping that is around 30ms or less. It is also worth mentioning here that if you are a statistics person then you should stick to only one server. To choose, hit Select Mode just below the Start button, look at the top left corner and choose your server.

5. Know your maps

While most PUBG Mobile maps are more than familiar to fans of PUBG, it’s important to learn the weapons and items spawn in each map to maximize your chances of winning.

PUBG Mobile latest Tips and Tricks for 2022

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This will affect not only your landing location, but where you should go as the match progresses. Knowing your maps is even more important now that Miramar, Sanhok, and the newly added Snow Map Vikendi have all been added to the game.

In the case of Vikendi, the map has some additional features like snow mobile. You’ll learn the best hiding places as you play, but you can learn faster by limiting the maps to a pool and deselecting them before starting the match. Do this and you will be an expert in no time.

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To get kills, players want to know more about the guns that kill the fastest in PUBG Mobile. Here’s a look at them.
1 MK14
2 Groza
3 AUG A3
5 M416

PUBG Mobile is a symbol of success in the field of video games. It is a free-to-play battle royale game played by millions of players. Players land on a barren island full of weapons and become the last man to eliminate each other.

1. Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on.
2. Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall.
3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet.
4. …but sometimes leave a level three vest.
5. Play the edge of the circle.
6. Keep yourself boosted up late game.