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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: Which is better?

The gaming sector is growing rapidly and is expected to reach new heights in the next decades. One source estimates that the global gaming market will be worth around $546 billion USD by 2028.

The expansion of the gaming market means that new players are joining the gaming community, according to Gaming Research. These new players can get confused and overwhelmed by the entire PC gaming versus console gaming debate.

This article will highlight the differences between PC gaming and console gaming. Deciding which one is ‘best’ is a personal decision that depends on your preferences.

advantages of using a console over a gaming PC

When creating a gaming setup, one of the biggest decisions is deciding between a gaming PC or a console. There are many aspects to keep in mind while taking this decision and each option has many advantages and disadvantages which only make it harder to settle.

If you’re just looking for a system to play video games, the best option is to get a console, but if you need to play video games and do other intensive tasks, PC is an all-rounder option. In today’s market, it’s hard to get the latest technology, including the latest generation consoles and new graphics cards, but if you can get hold of a gaming console, there are many advantages.

A gaming PC requires a desk, chair and a small section of the room to be used, whereas a console can fit a TV stand and requires no additional furniture for its use. Furthermore, a gaming PC is only suitable for one person, with a pair of keyboard and mouse attached, and even though controllers are supported, most PC setups are built with one user in mind.

A console placed next to the TV can be used by multiple people while sitting in the hall connected to multiple controllers, and the controllers can be easily moved around because they are lightweight enough to fit in a bag. and are smaller.

Consoles are simple, easy to use, and cost less

Many gamers prefer to play with consoles because they are designed for easy set up and maintenance. Console gaming may start a few minutes after you remove the system from the box. No construction time or technical skills are required to start the fun.

Although the relative cost of consoles and PCs is debatable, in general, consoles cost less than gaming PCs. Plus, the new console can be used to stream movies, TV shows and music – adding another benefit to owning a console.

So, is a PC better than a console?

When considering epic battles between console or PC, it’s important to consider not only budget, but what experience you’re looking for overall. As a gamer, are you most concerned with convenience? or cost? Multi player online gaming? Do you enjoy or are you interested in upgrading the computer yourself? At Crucial® the answer is clear; PC gaming is king.

It is a better gaming experience on PC as compared to consoles because of all the benefits that PC gaming offers. No matter what you choose, the important thing is to play and have fun.

Why you should buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X

The problem with arguing for a dedicated gaming machine in the console versus PC debate is that a PC does much more than just play games. For example, you can’t build and run an entire home business out of it or research and study for a university essay.

It throws any possible argument about cost-effectiveness out the window. Even though buying a new console every five or so years was cheaper in the long run—which isn’t the case if you’re a knowledgeable buyer—a PC is a far more versatile machine than a game console.

Still, the console has some advantages over the PC. Let’s start with the obvious – the game.

Incredible initiatives like Game Pass and Play Anywhere mean that virtually all of the best exclusive Xbox One games can be played on a Windows machine. Likewise, Sony has committed to making PCs more fun. We’ve already seen this with Horizon Zero Dawn and the otherwise PS4-exclusive Death Stranding.

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