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New To Anime?: The Best Shows and moves To Watch When You're Just Starting Out

This list will not only give you some ideas to catch up on when movies come out, but knowing the movies and episodes you want to watch in the coming months will also help you plan for the future.

No matter when they come out, we are sure all these movies and episodes will be worth the hype and anticipation. So be sure to mark your calendars and make plans to see them when they come out.


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release date : October 2022.
Directed by : Keiichirō Saitō
Written by : Aki Hamaji
Studio : CloverWorks

Based on Aki Hamaji’s popular four-panel manga series, Bocchi the Rock! follows the story of Hitori Goto, aka “Bocchi-chan,” a taciturn high school girl who spends her days at home alone playing her guitar. After uploading a video of her playing online.

Hitori is recruited by a drummer, Nijika Ijichi, to play in her band for the first time in front of other people. The series is produced by CloverWorks and directed by Keiichiro Saito (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Regards).

Salaryman’s Club

Part sports anime, part office drama, Mikoto Shiratori’s life is turned upside down after a major loss that caused him to lose his job as a professional badminton player for a bank.

But when another company hires him and forces him to work in their sales department, he must confront his past, determining whether he really wants it as his new future. No.

release date : 30 January 2022
Directed by : Aimi Yamauchi
Written by : Aimi Yamauchi
Studio : Liden Films

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

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release date : 13 September 2022
Directed by : Hiroyuki Imaishi
Created by: Rafał Jaki
Developed by : CD Projekt RED , Studio Trigger

The long awaited Cyberpunk Edgerunners are almost here! From the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the series follows a street kid who relies on illegal outlaw jobs to survive in the Night City. The studio is behind Trigger Anime and based on the trailers and openings that we have seen so far.

this is going to be a wild and beautifully animated series. Also getting Franz Ferdinand in the opening credits is just the icing on the cake. We’ve seen enough and can’t wait to check out Cyberpunk Edgerunners when it releases on Netflix in September.

Tokyo Revengers

If you are new to anime then this series can be a perfect choice. It includes delinquent teens and clever humor. However, before you enter Tokyo Revengers, it’s important to understand the plot. The show has some underlying themes.

and the characters are well portrayed. Although it’s a bit predictable, it’s definitely worth a look. Whether you’re a newcomer or a hardcore fan, Tokyo Revengers is worth a look.

release date : 11 April 2021
Directed by : Koichi Hatsumi
Written by : Ken Wakui
Studio : Liden Films

Love After World Domination

Are you a fan of Power Rangers or Super Sentai series? Well it absolutely isn’t, but you can still get a kick out of Love After World Domination. The series follows Fudou, who is essentially the Red Ranger, and Desumi, one of the leaders of an evil organization.

The two start dating despite being enemies. This budding relationship clearly leads to some awkward situations as a fight breaks out between good and evil. You can watch this fun series now on Crunchyroll and VRV.

release date : 8 April 2022
Directed by : Kazuya Iwata
Written by : Hiroshi Noda
Studio : Project No.9

My Dress-Up Darling

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release date : 9 January 2022
Directed by : Keisuke Shinohara
Written by : Shinichi Fukuda
Studio : CloverWorks

My Dress-Up Darling is one of the brand new anime series of 2022 which is gaining the most popularity this winter. The romantic comedy anime is adapted from a hot manga series serialized by Cloverworks on Young Gangan from 2018.

My Dress-Up Darling presents the relationship between a high-school newcomer who yearns to prefer cosplay to a traditional Japanese hina doll and her classmate and heroine.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The terrifying Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Dragon Ball Super: The next Dragon Ball theatrical feature after two hours of superhero white-knuckles is moving away from the previous film’s interplanetary Saiyan drama and heading back to (slightly)

more Earth -bound adventures. It sees the return of the Red Ribbon Army, an evil organization defeated by Goku in the past, now reformed and seeking vengeance. Notably, Super Heroes will be the first Dragon Ball feature to be mostly computer-animated.

release date : 26 August 2022
Directed by : Tetsuro Kodama
Written by : Akira Toriyama
Studio : Toei Animation

Spy X Family

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release date : 9 April 2022
Directed by : Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Written by : Tatsuya Endo
Studio : Wit Studio CloverWorks

Fans asked to see more of the Forger family and their great detective adventures. Well, his wish has come true as the legendary anime show is confirmed to return in the fall of 2022. The second court of the first season will feature short bits of comedy.

spectacular thriller moments and jaw-dropping action. The first season of the series is booked for 25 episodes, and as the first course gave us twelve delightful episodes, we have yet to experience the story in the remaining thirteen.

Kakegurui Twin

Serving as a prequel to the main Kakeguiri series, the series takes place a year before Yumeko Jabami’s enrollment at Hayakau Private Academy.

Focusing on the arrival of Mary Saotome, who succumbs to the gambling frenzy after learning about the school’s gambling system, resulting in Ryota Suzui becoming her pet.

release date : 4 August 2022
Directed by : Tsutomu Hanabusa Shinya Nagano
Written by : Homura Kawamoto
Studio : MAPPA

New Kantai Collection

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release date : November 2022
Directed by : Keizō Kusakawa
Written by : Jukki Hanada
Studio : Diomedé, ENGI

6 years prior to the announcement of the primary continuation for the Kantai Collection television anime series. In November 2019, Kadokawa detailed that a second season was still underway.

Later this year, Kadokawa expressed that the new anime would air in 2022. There’s no insight into the new series, whether it’s a continuation they reported a while back or an entirely new undertaking.

Golden Kamuy Season 4

Amidst all the shonen, it would be great for fans to see the return of Sein Golden Kamui anime for season 4. The manga is gearing up for its climax, and animators Zeno Studios has done a commendable job adapting its first three seasons.

However, Brains Base will take over the reins of Golden Kamuy for Season 4. Its story centers around Sugimoto – a Russo-Japanese War veteran – and his friend and treasure-hunting partner Asirpa – a native Ainu.

release date : October 2022
Directed by : Hitoshi Nanba
Written by : Satoru Noda
Studio : Geno Studio

Suzume’s Door-Locking

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release date : 11 November 2022
Directed by : Makoto Shinkai
Written by : Makoto Shinkai
Studio : CoMix Wave Films

Anything directed by Makoto Shinkai deserves attention, so put Suzume’s Door-Locking on your to-watch list if you haven’t already. The quiet life of 17-year-old Suzume in Kyushu is interrupted when a traveling man comes in search of a mysterious door.

The door they found is old and worn out and seems to be the only thing left after a major disaster. Soon more doors began to open across Japan. What’s behind them can be earth-shattering.

One Piece Film: Red

To celebrate the 1000th episode of the One Piece anime, the official YouTube channel features a new animated opening sequence featuring the second and first theme song “We Are” from all 1000 episodes.

It has also been announced that the new anime movies, One Piece Film Red, will premiere on 6 August 2022. Eichiro Oda will serve as executive producer.

release date : 6 August 2022
Directed by : Gorō Taniguchi
Written by : Tsutomu Kuroiwa
Studio : Toei Animation

How Do You Live?

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release date : 1 May 2020.
Directed by : Hayao Miyazaki
Written by : Genzaburo Yoshino
Studio : Ghibli

It is the story of a 15-year-old boy named Koperu and how he grows up in spite of poverty.

How Do You Live sounds like a really sad movie and I look forward to seeing it! Koperu lives with his uncle and experiences human growth and spiritual development.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is the only romantic film on this list and depicts the struggles of teenagers in society.

It will cover the story of a young boy with a communication disorder and a popular girl who tries to hide the shame of wearing braces with a mask. The film is unique in terms of visuals and music choice.

release date : 22 July 2021
Directed by : Kyōhei Ishiguro
Written by : Kyōhei Ishiguro
Studio : Sublimation Signal.MD

Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween

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release date : 15 April 2022
Directed by : Susumu Mitsunaka
Written by : Takahiro Okura
Studio : Toho Company, Ltd.

Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween is released every year as a new anime movie from the famous anime series. What awaits fans in the spring of 2022. The 25th Detective Conan anime film is a spin-off

but is related to the main story of the manga and anime series, as well as other titles in the past. The latest film from Live Legends Mystery puts a spotlight on Toru Amuro, a police officer and recently married couple Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato.

The 5 Most Muscular Women In Anime, Ranked

1 Saitama (One Punch Man)
2 Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
3 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
4 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)
5 Kaido (One Piece)

1 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (season 2)
2 JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure (season 5)
3 My Dress- up Darling.
4 Attack On Titan (final season part 2)
5 Spy X Family.
6 Tomodachi Game.
7 Bleach.
8 Chainsaw Man.

One Piece has the biggest fanbase currently in the world. Its fandom is constantly growing due to the fact that the series is ongoing and that the anime runs very closely behind the latest manga chapter.