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Minecraft : Where to find Ancient Debris and Netherite Ingots

The world of Minecraft is dangerous. There are hostile mobs, warden-like mini-bosses, and steep cliffs at every turn. Therefore, you have to do everything in your power to protect yourself from all the dangers of the game.

Fortunately, Minecraft has the solution within its own world in the form of the Nether. Netherrite is one of the rarest and strongest Minecraft ore that you can use to create powerful weapons and the strongest armor in the game.

What is Ancient Debris

Unlike other armor materials in the game, Minecraft does not have a direct ore block of Nether. Instead, the block you should be looking for is called Ancient Debris. This is a physical block in Minecraft that is immune to normal explosions. So, you can use TNT to clean the atmosphere around it without destroying the ancient debris and, in turn, the netherite.

Once you’ve mined the ancient rubble, you can turn it into netherite. We have covered the conversion process later in the guide. Not to forget, wherever we mention ancient rubble in the guide, we are talking, in detail, about the Netherlands and vice versa.

#1. Strip mining.

Strip mining is the most basic way to obtain netherite, and the best level of finding it is at coordinates Y = 12. Players must drop two blocks in the middle of the lane and then mine in a straight line to form a strip.

Players must be aware of the lava pockets they may run into while mining. While strip mining may seem like a somewhat boring process, it is very easy to do, highly effective, and requires only a diamond pickaxe.

#2. Bed mining

When used in the Netherlands bedding can be as good as TNT. This is because when a player tries to sleep on a bed in the Netherlands, the bed will explode with a bit less vigor than TNT.

The method of bed mining is similar to that of TNT mining, which is described in #4. Although the blast is slightly smaller, beds are a more sustainable resource, as they are made from very cheap wool and wooden planks.

Where to find Ancient Debris

You’ll need at least a diamond pick-axe to mine the ancient rubble. Like diamonds, ancient debris can be found at lower levels of the game.

The material is formed only in the Netherlands as mineral veins, and can be found mostly from levels 8-22. You won’t find it anywhere that is exposed to air, so be prepared to dig!

Be careful when mining it, if you are not careful you can be surprised by some random drops.

It’s worth the weight: A hefty supply must be accumulated, but you’ll get some serious upgrades as a result!

You’ll also want to make sure you track the level you are at. This can be done on the PC by pressing F3 to turn on the Coordinate Interface. Look up the Y coordinate and place it between 8 and 22.

How to Get Netherite Scrap

To get netherite scrap in Minecraft, you have to find ancient rubble and melt it in a furnace. Simply put, you can find ancient debris in spawning downstream. The only thing you need to take care of is to use a diamond pickaxe or a netherite pickaxe. Using any other tool to break up the ancient rubble will destroy it. Once you have the ancient rubble get the netherite scrap by melting it with coal using a furnace.

How to Get Gold Ingots

Melting gold ore in a furnace will give you gold ingots. You can find gold ore by digging in a mine, underground or inside a cave. This will give you metal ore, and you can melt them to get gold ingots.
Once you have both Nethrite Scraps and Gold Ingots, follow the above steps to make Nethrite Ingots in Minecraft. While here, be sure to learn How to Build a Smithing Table and Fix Books in Minecraft.

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