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Minecraft tips and tricks advanced survival 2022

A decade after its release, Minecraft has become the best-selling game of all time. Every day many new players create worlds for the first time. They soon get used to the game controls, crafting recipes, mining resources, etc.

Even after making progress, there are many features that beginners might not be aware of. This article lists some amazing Minecraft life hacks for new players.

Like Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved is a game about exploring, collecting, building and surviving in the wild. This guide contains cheat codes and general survival tips for ARK on all platforms.

10 Helpful Minecraft Survival Tips

The sharpest sword is not made of diamond, gold or concrete. This is an iron sword. Also, the only weapon that can cut the spider’s web is the sword.

When wielding a sword, if you jump and run, you will inflict more damage. Similarly if you sprint then work again when you reach your goal.

If you attack, and press D at the same time, you will fight without getting hit.

Go to a distant island and dig. You’ll be able to find gold around level 22.

You can also find the golden apple, which when eaten makes you immune to attack for a while (you’ll see blue sparks flying around). This is useful when there are lots of mobs trying to attack you from multiple angles at once.

Create random and colorful landmarks that stand out from the surroundings as much as possible after you walk away, to allow you to orient yourself in case you get lost especially at night and especially if the terrain is confusing and dull/foggy appear.

lure the most annoying creature in minecraft away from the house that zen so carefully built so that it explodes out into the open fields

The fastest shovel of them all is the diamond shovel.

If you’re in a place with a lot of islands, like the one below, build a large Tetris (colored like pieces of Tetris) house as your base so you can find it quickly when you’re sailing back from the ocean.

Grow food and trees on the roof, and build a sky window to keep information flow liquid:

To keep working without worry, build an internal enclosure within the Tetris house, and make it as green as possible to maximize the stress reducing benefits of Minecraft.

Make your bed in another enclosure next to the workshop, right by the ocean facing window, so that the explosive monsters don’t surprise you

Complete Tetris House by building a tower on top of it so you can have Tetris House even when you’re away.

What if Minecraft was real life?

If Minecraft were real, the world would be in complete chaos. I’m going to assume that it’s like a whole new world, and you take on the same traits as normal in the game’s character.

Those who knew what Minecraft was all about would have an immediate advantage over those who didn’t. They must know crafting recipes, cheats and tips & tricks. Minecraft players would have formed into factions and would have huge and safe havens before anyone even knew what was going on.

The newcomers would build houses out of dirt and what not and be ruined by former Minecraft ters. In short, Minecraft nerds become the overlords.

Top 5 Minecraft life hacks for beginners

Keep a ton of boxes in your home. It’s probably a good idea to have an entire room for that purpose. Adding more items to Minecraft also means more stuff to sort out and potentially clog up your inventory.

Start a farm/animal pen inside your home as soon as you have the resources to do so. In my experience, this is a much safer option than keeping them out.

If you keep an inside farm, you’ll not only have to go out and have unwanted flings with monsters, but you also won’t have to go around as much and burn your hunger bars.

Indoor chicken farms are especially convenient, as you can keep a whole flock of six mobs within a nine block space.

It is much better, strategy-wise, to place a house on the side of a cliff or underground. If you don’t have to build a whole other wall to make your house bigger then it is easy to start your house and expand slowly.

It will look a little rough around the edges at first, but it buys more time to get to the essentials (iron, coal, lumber, etc) without wasting them on building a new home.

The humble compass is one of the most important items in the entire game. If you make a craft, you don’t even need to navigate your way out of a cave or try to remember sights you see along the way.

I honestly cannot stress this enough. Once you get the redstone, first make a compass, not a comparator, piston or dropper.

Those are probably my four most important tips, and one I always have when I’m alive. However, if you disagree, rebut. I am always up for new strategies!

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