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gta online solo missions

The Agreement Update for GTA Online lets you work with Franklin as his new business partner. Your agency is focused on “Celebrity Solutions”, helping celebrities in Los Santos with a variety of problems like stolen cars or destroying shoddy evidence. You can choose to play missions with other players but we are here to answer an important question, can you do contract missions alone?

The latest from GTA 5 tipsters is that gamers should be expecting the GTA 5 1.16 update this Tuesday. The update is said to include the “San Andreas Flight School” DLC and will bring players a new set of planes on GTA Online, as well as other new features.

1. Visit the Diamond Casino

We are not advocating that you put your hard earned money at stake. Instead, you should visit Diamond Casino for two more obvious reasons: the prize wheel and the daily allowance of chips.

You are allowed to rotate the prize wheel at Diamond Casino once every 24 hours. Rewards are random, going from small amounts of RP all the way to podium vehicle giveaways. More often than not, you are likely to get smaller prizes but still have a chance to earn cash. And, if you earn a podium vehicle, you may be able to sell it later, depending on what it is.

2. Invest in Criminal Enterprise Wisely

In addition to completing heists, the second main attraction in GTA Online is building a criminal empire. And, by design, you’ll need a safe place to plan your crimes or store misplaced goods. Each purchasable asset serves a specific purpose; Some unlock robberies, while others offer business opportunities:

Since each investment represents a different line of work, you’ll want to consider how you want to play before making a purchase. If making quick and easy money is your ultimate goal, buy Kosatka first. Even if you only play solo, Kayo Perico Robbery will fund all of your other projects. From there, you can buy new properties based on the activities you’re most interested in.

3. Michael Gets A Job At Lifeinvader In “Friend Request”

Sometimes, the best missions are the ones where most of the activities are short and mundane but consist of a fun series of events. This is the basis for “Friend Request”, the player’s introduction to Lester in the main story. Here, Michael enlists Lester’s help with a robbery, but Lester seeks a favor in return.

Michael is then tasked with going to the Lifeinvader office to sabotage a phone prototype that will explode when a certain number is called. The mission involves Michael wearing casual work clothes and walking into the office of strange techno friends as he is asked to clean a virus from a desktop and pretend he is just one of them.

4. Blitz Play

In another FIB mission, three heroes are tasked with robbing an armored truck loaded with money for the IAA. Michael decides to go with a blitz play approach, where they block the path for the armored vehicle with a garbage truck just before pulling up.

Then, when it is parked, they hit the car with a tow truck to destroy the vehicle and collect the money. If the player succeeds in this, he will have to deal with a large proportion of shoot-outs. The joy of this is being able to choose which character to use during battle, occasionally switching to a character in need of help.

5. Lamar Down

Lamar Davies is one of the best characters in GTA 5, first appearing as a longtime friend of Franklin before befriending Trevor. However, when Lamar is betrayed and taken prisoner by the Ballas gang, all three crew members attack the gang’s sawmill hideout in the mission “Lamar Down”.

Michael, Trevor and Franklin launch a three-pronged attack on the sawmill that gives players the opportunity to strategically take out Ballas and save Lamar. “Lamar Down” is fun to play over and over again because it is one of the most well-developed non-heist missions in the game.

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