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Best GTA Online missions with friends

Getting around in Los Santos with a good group of friends is the best way to experience GTA Online. This guide will help players with activities they can do with their friends while online. The best part of GTA Online is out of all the core content they give players along with additional heists and missions, a big part of the enjoyment is creating your own adventures.

Los Santos and the surrounding area are a vast open world for players to explore and create their own memories of. The best way to experience the game is with a solid group of 4 players (that way it’s very easy to get everyone in the car)

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best things Rockstar has added to the game, and list our top 5 things to do with a friend in GTA Online. And what better way to start the countdown than to start with the classic:

1. Race your friends down Mt. Chiliad by bike

Located at an altitude of 2619 feet above sea level, Mount Chiliad is the highest mountain in San Andreas. Players can find the giant mountain at the northern end of the map, right between Paleto Bay and the Alamo Sea.

With various hiking/biking trails, and some pretty scenic jumps, Mount Chiliad serves as the perfect spot for a high-speed run filled with belly-laughing moments. Grab some friends, find some bikes, and see who can do it the fastest, or even without going to waste.

It’s a fail-safe option whenever my friends and I want a little friendly competition and need a good laugh. You can usually find a bike laying around in the gondola at the foot of the mountain, or if you’re lucky there can sometimes be bikes parked for you and your friends at the top.

2. Going On The Wrong Type Of Trip In “Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Michael has a lot of family drama throughout the game because it’s a coherent theme, but it’s all about “Did someone say yoga?” The mission begins with Michael being invited by yoga instructor Fabian to do yoga with Amanda. After the players do a few poses, things go awry when Michael is jealous of Fabian touching Amanda.

After Amanda and Fabian move away, Michael convinces Jimmy to spend time with him. They stop at a burger shot for Jimmy to get a drink, but when Michael drives off to have the drink, he learns that Jimmy has drugged him. This leads to a series of hallucinations that end with Michael being truly alone.

3. Rooftop Rumble

Rooftop Rumble is one of the highest paying solo missions in GTA 5 Online 2021. You should also complete it within 4 minutes to get $14,630 because you can earn $3,657/minute. It has 4 slots for 4 players to complete at once or you can complete it alone.

This is a difficult mission in which you need to defeat 31 enemies. Therefore, you must cooperate with other players to eliminate them within 4 minutes. Only players above level 75 can unlock this high-paying job. To accomplish this task, set these objectives.

  • Get to the parking lot.
  • Clear all the Professionals.
  • Steal the documents.
  • Bring the documents to Madrazo’s house

Multiplayer mode GTA 5 Online allows players to team up and complete this task together and reduce quest time. If your team’s life is over or the documents are destroyed you will fail.

4. Dropping In – The Ballad of Gay Tony

When the owner of the Liberty City Rampage will not sell the hockey team to Ray Bulgarin, it is up to Luis Lopez to put the team up for purchase through other means. Never one to escape style, Luis jumps in the helicopter, parachutes to the top of the skyscraper that houses the Rampage headquarters, and shoots the owner out of a 20-story window. For his escape, Luis jumps out the window and parachutes to a flatbed truck cruising down the street.

5. Gunrunning/Motorcycle Club

The gunfighting business allows players to buy bunkers to start trading weapons. To start trading, players need to register themselves as CEO or VIP. In addition, this business also allows players to purchase mobile operations centers, where they store vehicles. Also, the same space is used for research and modification of vehicles and weapons.

Then, we have the work of the motorcycle club in GTA Online. Obviously, players can create their own motorcycle club by recruiting other players and becoming the MC president. To do all this, first of all players have to buy a club house property from Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Once everything is set up, players can use the MC to supply all kinds of illegal goods and make good money, making it the fastest way to earn money in GTA Online.

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