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Best competitive Pokémon in Pokemon Go

The best Pokémon in Pokémon Go depend largely on how you’re going to use them, with new ways to think about using Pokémon competitively in everything from gyms to raiding to PvP come to the fore.

Next, we’ll break this page down into several sections, including a list of the overall best Pokémon types in Pokémon Go for at-a-glance reference when it comes to power ups, as well as the best attacking Pokémon and Pokémon. Defend Pokémon for the best regular gym tackle and raids.

1. Lucario

While it may seem mediocre with only 144 defense and 172 stamina, Lucario’s part steel-typing enhances it by giving it extra resistance that many other fighting-types don’t have.

The Aura Sphere easily outclasses previous fighting-type King Machamp, pushing it to the top of the attacking meta, and you don’t even need a Shadow Edition to make it viable.


If you want a rock-type attacker that will last a while, the Tyranitor is your best choice. Aim for Smack Down to move legacy fast when combined with Stone Age, but Bite and Crunch will do great damage against psychic-types as well. The Ripper is another great option for a powerful Rock-type attacker, but Tyranitar’s resistance to Mewtwo’s psychic and ghost-type moves puts it next in our book.

Metagross’s Meteor Mash move makes a difference when deciding whether to keep this Pokémon on our list. As mentioned, most defensive Pokémon don’t sit well against Mechamp in attack, but Metagross does. This Pokémon will persevere in battle and allow more opportunities to complete its moves such as Bullet Punch which boasts higher DPS when used with Charged Moves, Meteor Mash.


A flying attacker, Rayquaza is also up there with base-level dragon stats. Throw in the best dragon movesets with a Dragon Tail and Outrage combo and you’ve got yourself the highest DPS for dragon Pokémon in the game. Rayquaza is only available through Legendary Raid, so we recommend using some of the other Pokémon on our list to get this dragon.

5. Rayquaza

The flying serpent Pokémon of the sky, Rayquaza is a powerhouse of terrifying proportions. It boasts a massive attack position and a dangerously high maximum CP, which gives it all the power it needs to wipe out opponents.

Rayquaza is even more difficult to overcome when one considers its access to Dragon Tail and Outrage, both of which are high DPS moves that fall short only against Steel and Fairy-types.

However, with some obvious weaknesses (4x weakness of Fairy, Rock, Dragon, and Ice), Rayquaza can go down surprisingly fast, especially in recent meta, with Abomasno and Giratina (Revenge) dominating the scene. Is.

6. Garchomp

Anyone who’s played Diamond and Pearl should know how devastating Garchomp can be, and it has a very high 17.7% usage rate, even after four generations of dominance.

Garchomp has almost everything a non-legend could ever hope to ask for. It has great stats across the board, a top-class typing, great moves, and a decent defensive ability. Garchomp has few weaknesses outside of Ice Beams or Ice Shards, but all good Pokémon with the Quad weakness usually have teammates who can easily switch and tank in those types.

7. Ferrothorn

While crime-oriented Pokémon dominate OU’s most used Pokémon, the Grass/Steel utility tank Pharothrone has a 23.5% utilization rate in its tier.

Fairthorne is one of the top defensive Pokémon in the entire game. The Farrothorn leech can set off powerful threats such as spikes and stealth rock while recovering from the seed. It’s important not just sit there and stall, Farrowthorn can take out Pokémon that threaten it with taunts because of its good attack and reach to knock offs, power whips, or body slams.

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