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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tips and tricks

In this time of digital age, gaming has become one of the popular parts of regular life. Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is truly an incredible royal game based on players who are masters of gunfight to win matches and get the winner’s chicken dinner.

The fight to win, like pro players, is primarily a separate part. Now the game is ready with the latest battle royale title as many players try to level up soon.

If you want to see the secret enemies, you must be cleverly alert to have such a strong control over the gaming elements. In this many tips will help you to take such a big decision in this Battleground Mobile India.

Tips to level up fast in Battlegrounds mobile

Leveling up requires after-game points, which are gained after each match mode available, except for training and custom matches. However, here are some valuable tips to quickly increase your level in the game.


The jiggle and shoot is another trick to distract an opponent. Hurry up while burning and get up.

One of the main differences between a bot and a sporter is that a bot’s movement is extremely sluggish whereas a sporter’s movement is fast, and can play as he wishes.

A player must begin to wobble when flailing at his opponent, or may additionally crouch if he is a 4 finger player. Thus, wiggle and shoot or crouch-jiggle and shoot. Opponents will miss a lot but as you are doing it intentionally, thus your target will not be missed.

2. Be mindful of your positioning

Your position in BGMI can make or break the encounter. You should always engage in engagements where you have an easy way out in case the fight doesn’t get in your way.

If you are standing with an enemy squad trading shots in the open field, you are more likely to lose because you are completely exposed to the enemy.

With these, another squad can wait patiently for you and your enemy to finish the duel so they can clean up easily. If your enemy squad is winning you should always try to get into gunfights from cover and keep an escape route in mind.

3. Select Right Graphics Quality

TDM gives players the option to have a loadout of the weapons of their choice with all the different attachments and scopes.

A player can have 4 different loadouts with 4 different weapons. Weapons like UMP45, Groza, AKM are great for close range combats and can be used to overcome opposing teams, on the other hand weapons like M416 can be used to improve one’s aim, reflexes and muscle memories can be done.

Players can also choose to pick snipers to improve their quick range and sniping skills.

4. Measure weapon range for multiple weapons

This is a very good strategy that you can use sniper rifles for such a long range. Auto files for mid-range, shotgun fighting at short range.

The load-out should consist of a range of weapons that are designed for multiple ranges. If you want to carry an auto rifle, then you must pair it with any sniper rifle as it will cover both long and short ranges.

You also have to understand at what range you are able to fight comfortably. If you are chasing an auto rifle and shotgun then you should avoid engaging the enemy with a sniper rifle.

5. Use smoking grenades to block the enemy’s sight

Kratos and Krantiveer remind us that utilities are very important. Be sure to use throwable items like smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails in gunfights and healing items to maintain your health.

But very importantly, track your utility usage as well. Keeping track of the number of utilities you have will also keep you informed about what benefits you will gain from going into combat.

And this is especially important in the later stages of the game when the map is closed and when utilities will help you are likely to have more close encounters.

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1 Customising the Sensitivity Settings.
2 Shoot Stable Enemy Players.
3 Good Crosshair Positioning Sense.
4 HUD Layout.
5 Training Room is the Key.

1 Complete your Challenges and Missions.
2 Stick to the Classic Matches.
3 Survive as Long as You can.
4 Find teammates that help You in the game.
5 Keep Healing.

1 Erangel.
2 Vikendi.
3 Sanhok. Kicking off the top three, it’s Sanhok.
4 Paramo. Coming in at #4, we have Paramo.
5 Miramar. Miramar was the second map ever released into PUBG.
6 Karakin. Just a size up from Haven, we have Karakin.
7 Haven. The newest PUBG map is also probably the worst.