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5 most common items in Minecraft

Minecraft is a title with huge worlds. In fact, One World has a total area of ​​1.5 billion square miles, making each in-game world eight times larger than Earth and the largest land-based open world to explore in gaming so far.

With such a huge world, there is no shortage of blocks to be mined, which turns them into items that players can collect. Because blocks can be turned directly into items, the most common items in the game should be these blocks.

Item Rarity is a mechanic in Minecraft that colors items with different colors when they are in the hotbar, indicating how useful or powerful they are, as well as how easy they are to obtain. Normal objects are white, while unusual objects are yellow. The rarest items have a cyan color while the most elusive epic items have a purple hue.

1. Sponges

For builders willing to work with water, this is a good block to use to move massive amounts of liquid. Sponge block which is quite unusual and can be hard to obtain, but useful. By placing the blocks in water, it absorbs a large amount of water (7 units in 6 directions) to allow players to build them in seas, ponds or rivers, or if they are to explore underwater caves. So just to catch your breath.

Players can get this block in two ways. One is the murder of the Elder Guardian. The next area is to explore ocean monuments, where each room can hold about 30 wet sponges. After collecting the wet sponge, players will only need to melt the sponge along with any fuel to make a regular sponge. Another way to dry a sponge is to place it in the Netherlands, where it dries quickly. Or if placed in a dry biome in the overworld, it will only take a few seconds for the sponge to dry.

2. Totem Of Undying

These extremely helpful little effigies are unusual items that can be dropped by enemies. If the player is holding one in their hands and takes lethal damage, the immortal totem will restore the player’s hearts with a large amount of healing and rescue buffs.

However, the only mob leaving them is Evoker. These enchanting antagonists can be found in the Woodland Mansion of the Dark Forest and Dark Forest Hills biomes.

3. Enchanted Weapons & Armor

Normally, players must enchant items and weapons using an enchantment book, an item created by putting a regular book into an enchantment table and using an enchantment. This enchanted book should be placed on an anvil with the desired weapon or piece of armor to confer the desired qualities.

However, weapons and armor pieces that are already enchanted can spawn on hordes like zombies. This is quite rare and the magic on the gear will always be random.

4. Wood

Wood is a popular block in Minecraft. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of trees in any given world, and each is made of different forms of wood. There are six different wood types in-game.

Wood blocks come in many different forms, including wood blocks, stripped wood, and wood planks. Wooden blocks are also essential to many crafting recipes.

5. Stone

Stone block is by far the most common block in Minecraft. These blocks make up almost all of the underground parts of the game and are readily available to players.

When players mine stone blocks, they are picked up as cobblestone blocks. To get stone blocks into the player’s inventory, they must either dig up stone blocks with a pickaxe enchanted by the touch of silk or smelt the stone in a furnace.

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