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10 Game Series That Became Open-World

However, the open world is certainly not universally beloved. Due to their popularity, many developers and publishers have implemented open worlds in their latest titles to help market and advertise the game, regardless of their lack of funds, qualifications or time to play. It has often criticized the open world genre in favor of quantity over quality in its world design and gameplay.

1. Far Cry

The Far Cry series has become a cornerstone of the FPS open-world market. Featuring charismatic villains, the Far Cry series is known today for providing a quintessential Ubisoft open-world experience, in the sense that the map is clearly designed to allow the player to freely roam the area and reap a handful of re-appearances. has gone.

The Far Cry franchise has implemented open worlds in most of the games in the franchise, although the first game is an exception to this rule. Although the first game was not open-world, it had large levels that offered a decent amount of free-roaming, which was unique for the time.

2. Mario Kart’s Open World Could Unite Rainbow Road & Mario Circuit

Granted, if the imagination of stages like Music Park and Switch’s Rainbow Road influenced Mario Kart 9’s track design, it might be difficult to create a unified world that includes every possible track theme.

However, given Mario’s track record of sports games with different biomes, it would be great to see a new game trying to create a hub world that ties all the different tracks together. A large world with detailed landscapes featuring short courses can help sell the game’s scope and make driving in Mario Kart enjoyable in a relaxed environment.

3. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the number one game and is an open-world action role-playing game.

This most popular game is a big, free exploration RPG that can be played anywhere and on any device. So, you’ll see a pair of magical twins wandering across universes for no apparent reason (to find each other) when an unknown and powerful deity thinks they’re too full of themselves to leap between realities. As they wish and it should be an ending.

As a result, the self-proclaimed goddess kidnaps one and takes away the power of the other, leaving them trapped in a strange land, finding their way to her sister and home.

Genshin Impact lets you change characters instead of weapon types; Some people use a one-handed sword, others use a bow, and others hold magic books; So, you create your own 4-person party and swap characters on the fly. When you accumulate equipment, you can use it to upgrade your best weapons even further. What could be a bigger war than this? It comes under top 10 sports.

4. Elden Ring

From our Elden Ring review by Michelle Saltzman: It’s no exaggeration to say that Elden Ring is From Software’s biggest and most ambitious game to date, and that ambition more than paid off.

Even after 87 hours of blood, sweat and tears, including some of the most challenging fights I’ve ever fought and myriad surprises, there are still bosses I’ve left on the table, secrets I haven’t uncovered yet, Sidequests that I missed, Lots of weapons, spells, and skills that I never used.

And it’s all on top of PvP and cooperative play that I’ve been able to barely scratch the surface of. Throughout all of this, while the fundamentals of the battle haven’t changed much from what we’ve seen before, the vast variety of viciously crafted enemies and brutal but surmountable bosses have taken its fighting to a whole new level.

Have given. Even with all the threads I didn’t manage to tug on on my first playthrough (which I’m sure there will be many), what I was treated to was easily played by me. Might be one of the best open-world games out there. Before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elden Ring is what we’re looking at as a game that pioneered a genre.

5. The Last of Us, Part 2

From our review by Jonathan Dornbush: The Last of Us Part 2 is a masterpiece worthy of its predecessor. Moving forward almost every way, Ellie steps into the spotlight and leads the sequel in a way that feels like the culmination of everything that has fueled Naughty Dog’s blockbuster story so much since the original Uncharted on PlayStation 3.

Made memorable. It delivers a layered, emotionally shattering story on top of stealth and action gameplay that improves on the mechanics of the first game while integrating more of Uncharted’s dynamics and action a bit more.

But while Part 2 is a thrilling adventure, it still makes time for surprising, nuanced exploration of the strength and fragility of the human soul. Its one of the best exclusives in one of the best games of the PlayStation 4 generation.

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