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Which Minecraft mobs to avoid in a new world?

Of all the popular sandbox games you can play in 2022, Minecraft has the most diverse and widest group of mobs. Because of this, finding out everything about them all becomes understandably challenging. If this is the case with you too, then you have come to the right place. We’ve covered all the mobs in Minecraft, from the tiny Endermite to the scary new boss, Warden, added in Minecraft 1.19.

Mobs in Minecraft are programmed to show a certain behavior towards players. Keeping this in mind, we have divided the crowd into three broad categories.

Types of Mobs in Minecraft

Mob refers to all living creatures in Minecraft that can communicate with players or other mobs and are influenced by physics. These can be classified according to their behavior into passive, neutral and hostile mobs. In addition to these, some crowds can be created with just one order, and some are added as a joke, especially for April Fools’ Day.


The winner of the 2021 mob vote, Allay is a functional flying mob in Minecraft. It takes items from players and tries to find copies of those items in the world of Minecraft. Then, if and when he finds copies of the items, Allay picks them up and returns them to the player. This is the only mob in Minecraft that can perform such advanced tasks.

In addition, Allay is also the only mob in Minecraft that can duplicate itself without the need for a companion. Check out our dedicated guide to an in-depth understanding of Ally repetition. With regards to usability, the Allay is easily one of the most versatile crowdfunders in the game. You can also create automated farms with Allay in Minecraft. The only limitation is your imagination.


Bats in Minecraft are idle flying mobs that make the underground areas of the game more interesting. They spawn in the Cave Biome and the Overworld Biome that spans the caves. You can find them flying under solid blocks or hanging upside down. If the bat senses your presence, it will fly away immediately. And it can recognize you even when you are invisible.

Passive and Neutral mobs

Almost all passive and neutral mobs spawn in the overworld (except for piglins and zombified piglins that spawn in the Nether). Their spawn also depends on space, light level, biome and structure.

All passive mobs require at least a certain light level and some space to spawn. Also, their spawning depends on which biomes the players are in. In addition, some mobs, such as villagers, arise only in village structures.

Mobs such as Snow Golem and Iron Golem can also be created manually by players with certain blocks. Other mobs, such as tadpoles, are not naturally born into the world and require players to breed frogs to obtain them.


Ocelots are similar to foxes in that they are not directly controlled, but provide an advantage to play. They also attack chickens and can kill them through fences, but they leave rabbits alone. What makes an Ocelot more useful is that its presence will ward off Creepers and Phantoms who will keep a 16-block distance. Keeping a few fenced-off areas around the base is a good way to keep these hostile mobs at bay, although once opened they will eventually flee.

To tame an ocelot players must have a piece of raw cod or salmon and be within 10 blocks. The ocelot will make contact until the player moves. After a few feedings, the heart mites indicate that the ocelots are now relying. To find an ocelot, players will be looking around for quite some time, as they are born exclusively in jungle biomes and even then are quite a rare sight.

Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is a formidable opponent to fight fairly and is generally not a good idea. This huge mob has 100 health points or 50 hearts. Instead of regular PPV, you can hit the golem once and since it has a much shorter reaction time, you can run away and stack at least three blocks (you can hit more than four blocks as much as five blocks). can’t stack and above means you will not reach the golem).

Then proceed without hitting the golem. Another unique strategy is to dig three (or four) blocks and hit the golem. This strategy works too! Iron balls are found in villages and serve the purpose of protecting their inhabitants.


Pigglins are usually hostile towards you and will attack you with crossbows and gold swords. Remember that Piglin aim much better than Skeletons and their arrows are harder to dodge. Wearing any piece of gold armor will stop the piglin’s enmity and they won’t attack you.

Mining any gold or killing a piglin will make the piglin hostile whether you are wearing gold or not. To kill Piglin, if they have a sword, try to separate him from his pack and one versus the other. If they have a crossbow, you may want to use a shield to reflect off its arrows.

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