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Top 5 helpful villager trades for Minecraft beginner in 2022

Villagers offer various trades in Minecraft, but not all of them benefit players. Because of this, beginners may be curious about which trades help them the most.

When starting out in the world of Minecraft, beginners usually don’t have much to offer in the trade. However, this does not mean that they are not able to capitalize on the right trades. If used wisely, even a beginner can facilitate trades that can do them more than a few favors. When beginners use the right trades, they can easily improve their survival position over the long haul.

#1. Boats for Emeralds

Boats are easily made through the use of wooden shovels with wooden planks in the Java version and wooden shovels in the Bedrock version. Because boats are so easy to craft and wood is so readily available in most circumstances, players can relatively quickly pile large numbers into their inventory.

If players have a few extra boats on hand, they can assign them to Master level fishermen for one emerald per boat. With a small supply of wooden planks and shovels, players can get a good supply of emeralds in exchange for little effort.

#2. Paper for Emeralds

It’s easy to make paper in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Novice-level cartographer villagers in Minecraft are willing to give players emeralds in exchange for pieces of paper. Specifically, the villagers would offer an emerald for every 24 pieces.

Although it may seem like a lot, making paper in Minecraft is incredibly easy, requiring only a few pieces of cane sugar. Considering that sugarcane is one of the easiest crops to grow in the game (it can be found anywhere a body of water), beginners can make paper in a snap.

#3. Emeralds for Bottles O’ Enchantment

A bottle o’ enchanting experience is great for jewelry (Image via ibuxtoycat/youtube)

When Bottle O’ Enchanting is broken, they give players a huge amount of experience. These jewels can be used to enchant equipment for players, making them highly desirable if players have not yet built up the experience form.

Fortunately, Cleric Villagers who have gained enough experience to advance to the Master level will offer these bottles at the cost of three emeralds, making them a real deal for beginners with emeralds.

#4. Leather worked

Leather workers are not as useful as other trading villagers. But, they’re probably meant for lower level players in some cases or when you’re trying to get your hands on higher-quality gear for horses.

They mainly offer leather armor pieces and leather horse armor, neither of which are used by most Minecraft players. The only useful item that leatherworkers provide is a horse saddle or even an enchanted horse saddle.

However players will have to work hard to get these items this way as they can only make these items at high professional levels. Thankfully, they use the cauldron as their job block which is incredibly useful for other tools in the game, such as powder, lava, or ice in the Bedrock version and even ranged Storage of water and medicine.

#5. Fisherman

Fishermen are a relatively new addition to Minecraft, and they are responsible for providing players with seafood. They offer seafood for consumption or use, such as cooked salmon, cooked cod, or a bucket of cod.

However, these trading villagers can also provide players with useful items such as enchanted fishing rods and campfires. Nevertheless, players are not required to buy and feast on these fish, as fishermen allow players to trade fish for emeralds.

These can be used to trade game with other trading villagers, which makes fishermen quite useful. They use the barrel as their utility block, also great for storing various items.

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