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top 5 Best and easy house ideas in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that allows players to create everything they can imagine. From simple houses to elaborate palaces, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for Minecraft house ideas, I am sharing some really cool constructions that will inspire you.

From tree houses to wooden cabins to hilltop homes, these homes will get you on your way to building the home of your dreams.

Building a house in Minecraft takes time, there is really nothing like watching and enjoying the finished project. Below I’ve included photos for you to use as guides and inspiration.

There are so many beautiful designs out there, but many are complicated and would be difficult for beginners to understand even with a tutorial. What these players need is a middle ground, a set of small and easy house designs that have their own little techniques and intricacies that teach them how to build massive stuff and come up with great ideas.

1. Tiered Farmhouse

Players will need a farm fairly quickly in their world, and they will eventually need a fairly large farm, so why not build it at home? This tiered design makes it beautiful to look at and practical for whatever crops need to be grown. Players can also trade some of the crop space for animal pens if they wish.

The design of the house itself is long and thin, but there is nothing that cannot be easily changed. For example, in the image, the section under everything is left hollow, which would look awkward from behind, but players can easily house downstairs in the ample space available there.

Players can place individual stone walls into load-bearing sections to form slender stone posts, with this being an important feature in the design. Additionally, when these stone posts are placed next to each other, they will automatically become walls, giving players multiple visual options for the supporting parts of this house.

2. Easy Castle Living

A castle is a very common wish for Minecraft players. However, those who have looked at something ridiculously complex and massive may think there is no way they could ever achieve that dream. However, this is not the case, as nothing says that a castle has to be massive or complex.

While living in an intricate weave of rooms and corridors isn’t exactly the same, there are still many ways for simple buildings to feel like a palace. This design has the necessary turrets, which give way to a large entrance to an open central room. If it seems too easy for players, it’s easy to add more turrets or expand the gaps between existing ones for a more interesting shape.

The design is made of very specific types of stone, such as stone bricks and chiseled stone bricks, as the more refined texture of these blocks will make one’s castle look as if it were built together. The simplest and most abundant resource.

3. Single large room

The houses on this list are small which means you don’t need to gather a lot of resources to start building. If you want to build something bigger but still keep it simple, we recommend looking at this simple home design from Stud.

The hardest material for this construction are stone slab stairs which can be easily made from cobblestone. You will need coal to smelt it all (or you can use wood but it will take longer) and you will have a lot of space. If you wish, you can divide the house (add rooms) by building walls. The decoration is left up to you which means it is a flexible design.

It will take some time to make but you will love what you get.

4. Treehouse

And finally, we have a really fun house concept that’s bound to attract new players – the treehouse! This design is specifically for use in the woods, but you are completely free to make it into any tree, all you have to do is change the type of wood you use. It can act as a good marker and an excellent vantage point on top of being very useful as a house in general.

And there you have it! The ten best Minecraft starter houses that you can finish within an hour of starting a new world. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed it and that you have found the perfect home for you! If you want to play more games, check out Best Free PC Games, Best Horse Games and Best Tank Games!

5. Introduction

If you are interested in architecture and like to study different structures in construction? If so, then you might have already learned about the game Minecraft. Yes, it is a perfect platform for the lovers of architecture. Did you know that it has earned over 91 million monthly players since its launch in May 2009? “Minecraft gives us the ability to create and discover new structures in easy sentences.”

The game is designed in such a way that gamers can build incredible buildings. In comparison, in creative mode, digging or exploring, or surviving doesn’t impede your building streak. Are you a Minecraft gamer and looking for some inspiration? We have compiled the best houses for Minecraft currently in Architecture Design.

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