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Top 5 Anime Characters Who Are Passionate About Their Work

Life presents all kinds of challenges, and sometimes you need encouragement to pursue your goals, to better yourself as a person, or to do what makes you happy. feel inspired. Optimism can come from anywhere – For anime fans, inspirational anime quotes can embody many useful life lessons.

By observing the trials and tribulations of anime characters and their reactions to these challenges, viewers are often able to learn important life lessons. After all, it’s not an entirely new phenomenon for anime to positively impact people’s lives; Uplifting anime quotes are a great reminder of how the medium offers more than just entertainment.

1. Shin Yasuda – Horimiya

Although he is not often seen in the 2021 anime adaptation of Horimiya, Kenjiro Tsuda’s Shin Yasuda is a very memorable character.

An English teacher who has a downright uneasy interest in her students, her obsession is mostly played for laughs, though Western audiences may find her to be more than a little creepy.

That said, while perhaps not one of Kenjiro Tsuda’s most prominent roles, he still delivers an energetic and humorous performance, something that goes a long way in Horimiya’s predominantly character-driven story.

2. Hashirama Senju

The first Hokage, Hashirama worked hard to build the village of his dreams. From a young age, this great shinobi rejected the status quo of constant warfare.

He sought to unite the various clans of the Land of Fire and end the perpetual bloodshed. After a complicated series of encounters with Madara, the two men eventually join forces and unite the many surviving clans. Together they founded Konohagakure.

3. Denpa Kyoushi

Similar to Assassination Classroom, Denpa Kyushi has a strong focus on self-improvement. While it’s true that some episodes don’t focus on study in the traditional sense, each episode teaches you something valuable.

And it’s those lessons (like boosting your confidence) that will motivate you to study harder. And even change your attitude towards things, which will help you indirectly.

4. Sports: Haikyu!!

Practice makes perfect, teamwork is awesome, and friendship is magic. These are some of the things I learned from Haiku!!.

a sports comedy that will make you laugh, even as it teaches you the basics of high school volleyball. (found on Crunchyroll/Hulu)

5. Shirobako

The definitive anime about the making of anime, Shirobako serves as a love-letter to the medium without ever coming across as propaganda. Centered around five girls trying to find their dream jobs in the anime industry.

they experience varying levels of success as they try to break into an industry that can be unforgivable and not necessarily unforgivable. be welcome. Shirobako keeps it relatively light for the most part, a predominantly dramatic story coupled with a glimmer of effective comedy.

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