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top 5 AMAZING GTA 5 Mods You Must Try Now

Grand Theft Auto 5’s massive playground is a perfect, if fiddly, sandbox for modders to exploit. He has done everything for Los Santos.

You can follow the rules for the game’s police, which means you can shake up a one-star Wanted level by dragging it up and piling in Dressing Down. You can turn the script and become a cop, trapping the city (albeit potentially illegal) to stop crimes. You can even go out and be Batman.

Technology has gone wild since GTA 5’s original release, and this list reflects some of that. Better performance with upscaling, and VR (because I love VR) has come to Los Santos with model swaps, remade maps, and gang warfare, so here’s our updated list of the best GTA 5 mods.

best GTA 5 mods

The best GTA 5 mods range from touching up the basic experience with simple quality-of-life tweaks, to completely revamping the game with new mechanics and gameplay changes.

We’ve put together a great selection of the best of them all below, along with all the best ways to modify and replace Grand Theft Auto V.

1. Ultimate Superman Mod

Frankly, it’s more of a Homelander mod than a Superman mod, considering you’d probably eliminate the possibility of using it.

Even though it may not accurately emulate Superman’s morality, Ultimate Superman Mod is an excellent recreation of Superman’s powers.

It has a great flight model, bespoke melee attack, laser vision, tornado throw and freeze wind. It even lets you do the iconic crouch-leap to take off in the air, and hit the ground as you land.

2. Become Iron Man 

Iron Man said “I’m Iron Man” in Iron Man, and you can even say it if you install this forever popular mod on your GTA 5 save.

True to its word, the mod outfits you with a fully operational Iron Man suit, complete with boost thrusters, repulsor beams, and an oh so satisfying “EEUUWOOP” blaster sound that any Marvel fan will be familiar with.

You can also customize it with different versions of the suit, including beefy Hulkbuster armor that swaps agility for raw strength. Tony Stark would be proud.

3. GTA God Mode Trainer

If you think of mods your mind automatically points to in the director of infinite health, ammo and money, then not only are you a big cheater, but you’ll want to check out this trainer mod.

In addition to infinite provisions, you will also be able to leave behind the days of going very slow and reloading guns. And you’ll be able to teleport around the map with ease, completely removing the need to drive cars, and thus play half the game.

4. Forests of San Andreas

Forests of San Andreas is a full mod (what some might call a modpack) that combines a number of small changes and major additions to everyone’s favorite island forests.

It adds brand new scenarios where cars move around in forests, countless new plants, objects, rocks, and it makes the game feel more alive with all kinds of vegetation that transforms it.

Worth a test to see what you think. Though it may not be for everyone but I am really a huge fan.

5. Open All Interiors

The world of GTA 5 is large and wonderfully felt, but there are many buildings you just can’t reach. It looks like you can definitely enter fewer buildings than in previous games.

However, the Open All Interiors (opens in new tab) mode for GTA 5 changes all that, by allowing you to enter a vast number of previously inaccessible buildings.

Not only does this make the already large map even bigger, but it helps make the world of GTA 5 even more impressive and realistic.

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1 Mod: NaturalVision Remastered.
2 Mod: Script Hook V / Iron Man Script 2.0.
3 Mod: Vice Cry: Remastered.
4 Mod: Intensity ENB.
5 Mod: No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis.
6 Mod: GTA Realism.

1 100+ Car Chain Reaction Explosions.
2 Agent (Rockstar Game)
3 Altuist Cult Website Morse Code.
4 Bigfoot.
5 Brucie and Packie McReary (GTA IV)
6 Commandeering Civilian Vehicles.
7 Creeping.
8 Frozen Alien.

1 The Mount Gordo ghost. One of the most well-known secrets of GTA V is the presence of the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans on Mount Gordo.
2 Mount Chiliad mystery.
3 Frozen Alien.
4 UFOs.
5 The Infinity Killer.