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The 10 Strongest Weapons In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons represents the biggest departure from what made the original game so popular. This new game has the same chunky, voxel graphics, but other than that, it has nothing to do with Minecraft. Still, it’s a solid dungeon crawler, albeit with a good amount of depth and variety.

In a way, Minecraft Dungeons offers this variety with a huge arsenal of weapons. Swords, sticks, bows, and daggers represent only a small fraction of the weapons that can be found along the way. This is not to mention the unique weapons collected to make certain quests. What’s the best weapon when it comes to a skilled damage dealer?

1. Sickles: The Last Laugh

The sickle does have some speed, but it is not a great choice for a crowded bunch, making them vulnerable in many situations. They pack more power than the Gauntlet but their extra boosts are also less useful, making them weaker overall.

The Last Laugh is unique sickle and will raise emerald drops. It can be a solid choice for farming a singular mob if you’re attracted to it by loot-based options but in general, you’ll want to find almost something else for everyday use.

2. Pickaxe: Diamond Pickaxe

It wouldn’t be Minecraft without a pickaxe, would it? While the basic pickaxe is a very average type of weapon, the advantage has to be gained if you can find the unique Diamond Pickaxe.

This item not only helps you feel like you are in the world of Minecraft but it will also give you extra emeralds. These are used to purchase items in camp and can help you upgrade your gear faster, making it a nice bonus.

3. Spear: Whispering Spear

One of the main advantages of the spear is that it can reach enemies from afar. Since enemies, including zombies and spiders, need to be at close range to attack, a long-range weapon can be extremely beneficial, especially in the early game. Since spears can fall from creeper woods, they are worth keeping an eye on.

The unique Whispering Spear not only adds solid power and great melee range, but it expands that range and sometimes adds the ability to strike twice. As spears are slow, this is a huge advantage for those who want to keep enemies away.

4. Grave Bane

Grave Bane, a melee weapon in the Minecraft Dungeon, happens to be one of the best weapons in the game. Not only does it look cool, but it also does a lot of damage.

The first two hits of this weapon will deal the least amount of damage, but the third hit will deal the maximum amount of melee damage using the sweep attack. This weapon is strong even without the spell placed on it.

It can deal over 2,000 damage just as a base weapon. When the Smiling spell is placed on this weapon, 20% damage is automatically dealt to the undead mob, making the weapon even more powerful.

5. Diamond Sword

The Diamond Sword is the most iconic weapon in Minecraft, and can also be obtained in Minecraft Dungeons. This is a unique form of sword. Since this weapon is unique, players can add the Sharpness enchantment to their Diamond Sword for free.

At power level 108, the Diamond Sword can do a maximum of 1,904 damage. Players have a chance to get a sword after defeating the Grimm Guardian in Minecraft Dungeons. This can also be achieved by trading with a luxury merchant or piglin merchant. It is also found in the following places:

  • Creeper Woods
  • Creepy Crypt
  • Pumpkin Pastures

6. Whispering Spear

The Whispering Spear is one of the most amazing weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also great for melee combat. It was introduced in the Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Jungle Awakens.

The Whispering Spear is a unique version of the Spear and comes with a special charm called the Echo. Players can obtain this weapon by defeating the Pestilant Conjurer. This weapon can also be obtained by trading it with a Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchant or Piglin Merchant. The spear is also found at the following places:

  • Creeper Woods (Apocalypse)
  • Underhalls (Apocalypse)
  • Overgrown Temple (Apocalypse, DLC)
  • Colossal Rampart (Apocalypse, DLC)
  • Nether Wastes (Daily Trials) (DLC)

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