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Minecraft: 10 Tips And Tricks For Taming Wild Animals

People often wonder why Minecraft the way it exploded is being sold and played at an incredible rate. As with spinoff games like Minecraft Dungeons, the core experience of Minecraft does a great job of providing a great collection of activities for players to do.

However, controlling the crowd is not an easy task. More often than not, players will need the right items and a pinch of luck to win an animal’s trust. Some are also incredibly hard to find, making them quite a rarity. Here’s how to tame the best mobs in the game.


1. Axolotls

Axolotls were added to the game as a way of spreading awareness about this nearly extinct species of water-loving lizards. Axolotls are born in deep water, and although they can survive on land for some time, they certainly prefer the depths of oceans and any large body of water.

Axolotls are predators. They will attack any other sea-dwelling mob except dolphins. They are very useful allies against guardians and larger guardians inside ocean monuments and can be led using leads made from string and mud balls. They can also be bred with a bucket of tropical fish, but the axolotl cannot be bred entirely in Minecraft. Just be careful: Axolotls can be killed by pufferfish.

2. Fox

Foxes are a super unique crowd because of their ability to carry stuff in their mouths. They also curl up to sleep and can move quickly through sweet berry bushes. However, they run fairly quickly and are typical of cold forest biomes such as the taiga, making them difficult to capture and tame.

Adult foxes cannot be domesticated in Minecraft, but they can be bred using sweet berries. The fox produced will then rely on the player, and a lead must be used to pull it away from its parent and to prevent it from following itself instead of the player. The challenge here is to actually capture two adult foxes.

3. Deterring Enemies

It may sound like a wild accident, but the odds of a creeper approaching and killing a tame-looking animal are higher than players anticipated. Worse yet, a player tame an ocelot or wolf, only for him to die for an explosion from a surprising creeper appearance.

The primary focus area for tame animals must be searched to ensure that it is safe. Once this is done, the player can shift his attention to an action that may possibly involve feeding fish or bones to a wild animal.

4. The Noise

No one ever mentions about creatures in Minecraft, how loud they are. They all have unique sounds that are unique to the animal they are and serve a purpose. It helps players identify which animal is near and the quantity provides an idea of ​​distance.

These sounds can be both overwhelming and annoying when players collect large amounts of animals at once. Understand this and make the kennel or livestock area a place that isn’t often visited, but a little out of the way to save everyone’s sanity.

5. Don’t Overdo It

There is an old saying that says everything is best in moderation, including moderation. Collecting pets and animals in Minecraft can be quite an exciting endeavor, but it’s important not to overdo it. Earlier the revelation that animals in Minecraft can be quite noisy was addressed.

Issues arising due to animal hoarding were also covered. With that being said, remember that games are all about having fun and if a crazy cat or dog person makes you happy, you’ll want to commit to it.

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