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top 5 shoujo romance anime

Shoujo anime characters are known for high school romances that combine great characters with comedy, and the shoujo anime genre has seen a steady rise in popularity over the past decade and has attracted fans to some series and films that can easily be played by all. Considered one of the best of all time.

And from high school romances to sci-fi love stories to heartwarming tales, we explore the ultimate list of shoujo anime to add to your watch list. Which you must see.

say i love you

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Our main character in this story is a girl who doesn’t talk to anyone and wants to be alone. Because he feels that people make friends only for their waste. But suddenly the popular boy of their school starts taking great interest in that girl.

And he gives his number to that girl without any reason. And says that if you ever get into trouble, then definitely call me, that girl also does the same, when she was in trouble, then she called and saw whether the boy would come or not and that boy comes at the right time, Seeing this, the girl gets very shocked,

because she used to think that there is no one to be trusted in this world, now slowly her youth improves a lot due to this boy’s relationship with her, in which the best drama comedy romance is this all will be there.

akat suki no yona

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This story is not like a high school romance, but about a princess who is deceived by the love whom she loved since childhood and that love kills her father and kills her kingdom, When he is deceived, he takes his bodyguard and sets out to find a magical item so that he can save his kingdom and snatch his throne from that traitor.

There is drama, romance, action fights, and more. And the special thing is the story was made very deeply, in which a little bit of emotion has been played by a very good character.

kamisama kiss

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Its story is such, that our main character is a girl, she leaves everything and leaves but said it is not known. Now she doesn’t have food to eat at home, but at one place she sees a man who was being harassed by a dog!

Seeing that the girl saves the man by driving away this dog, the man offers it to stay in his house. Here the girl becomes quite astonished because it was not a house but a big Alishan palace and the man she saved is the king here!

Now, this girl has also become the land god here, and here that girl is given a Fox servant, and especially after this Fox servant is one of our main characters! This is quite a negative feeling and quite serious because some such accident has happened to him, which you will know later.

ao haru ride

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This story is related to this era, where a girl who is in a middle school is teased by all the boys in the school because she is one of the very cute and very beautiful school girls even her school girls It burns a lot!

She has become very upset with this stitch, so she has decided that when she goes to high school, she will stay away from boys and girls, after a few years she goes to high school, where she talks to boys. But here this girl’s best friend appears.

which makes that girl very happy! This dude is very serious as it has changed a lot since then due to some mishap in his family! Who does not talk to anyone, even the girl in which a love story and a great drama have been presented?

maid sama

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This story has all the elements of romance, despite it being animes shoujo, a lot of boys like it because it has romance comedy, drama, love story all this in the story! Our main character is a girl who is in a school where earlier there were many streak students but over time she became very bad and lazy.

Now, only bad boys are present in this school. This girl’s name is Misaki now she wants to make this bad school into a good school! That’s why she orders the boys to work, if anyone tries to go against Misaki, she will be punished very badly because Misaki is a leader here. And Misaki has a small secret. She’s working at the maid’s cafe to support her family!

And does not want to tell this secret to anyone! But the popular boy from the same high school named Usui learns about it! Usui says I will tell this secret to everyone, due to which Misaki is very scared, only then a deal is confirmed between both of them, that deal should be known in the story which is quite laughable!

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