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free fire CS rank tips and tricks

free fire players always have to follow the Best Tips and Tricks to push the rank and following them helps the player to perform much better in the game. The Player has to beat a lot of enemy to push the rank. And have to perform better in the match.

How CS rank is achieved in free fire and what are the ways to achieve it and how can you get it from this, similar questions have been answered in this article, how the player should win the match properly. So let’s start with tips and tricks to push cs rank in the free fire which will improve the player’s rank.

1. Choose the Right Character

While starting the game, the player needs to select the right character and select the best ability, players often do this mistake, and they lose the match due to not giving their best in the match.

But you always have to keep in mind that through characters and their abilities, it is easy to win matches but you have to use the same abilities that help you push the ranks. If you need more kills in the match then the strategy can be different You’ll only select characters that can take out more kills.

It is very important to have the best character combination while pushing the rank in the game, we have given the information in detail above the best character combination for rank push, its link has been given below.

2. Use Microphone and Headphone

It is very important to use a Microphone and Headphones while playing the match, you must have seen many YouTube players using Headphones while playing Free Fire and if the players use Headphones then it will be very easy for them to understand the match. And the player will hear the fine sound of the game and the player will get a good grip on the game and it will be easy to win the match.

But not all players use microphones and headphones, and because of this, they do not understand anything in the match. There is no good grip in the match, and the player has to lose the match due to not being able to use the listening power in the match.

3. always play with the team

There is a lot of risk in a solo match and the chances of losing the player are also high, because of this, the player should always be included in the team and to win the match, everyone’s help is needed. Also, many advantages players get by living together.

Therefore, while pushing the CS rank in free fire, it is very important to play the match by forming a team and the match can be won easily by having the team together.

4. Use of close-range weapons

Close-range weapons must be used, using them the player can always win in close-range combat, but with close-range weapons, log-range weapons must also be used equally, and by using both In this way, there can be no problem of any kind while fighting at any range.

Always the player should use the best gun, only then the player can get more kills in the match and it will be easier to win the match.

best guns for long-range fights in Free Fire

Below we recommend the best guns for long-range combat.

best guns for close-range weapons





5. Use grenade and flashback

You should always have flashbacks and grenades while playing a match, both of which will make it much easier to win the match, because with grenades you can kill two or three enemies at once, and flashbacks can blind the enemy. If you learn to use flashbacks properly, then you will win the match very easily. Winning matches requires some strategy, which can be accomplished with grenades and flashbacks.

Using flashback and granite will make it much easier for the player to win the match and understand the match very well and can win the match by using the right strategy.

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