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minecraft starter house ideas for survival

Often people like to play Minecraft in a survival mode that takes a lot of effort to survive, which provides the best experience. So you want to be a best minecraft player.

So come here I have given tips which will be of great help to the new players of minecraft, in which how to live a great life, in an adventure full of world, the best of life in the best of life means meeting new things according to the player’s need we are here to tell about how to make many things are the ones.

You will benefit from minecraft a great game in your first time because there is going to be a multiplayer and open world game in which you can have a lot of fun with your friends and also do things for nothing. so come

Mountain-Side House

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If you are thinking of making a great and an easy house, then this house will be very beneficial for you, in which a house is built on the wall of a mountain.

Which will be worth taking advantage of very beautiful views and very less material is required to build the house such as glass and wood or doors which are easily available.

This home’s two glass enclosures give an elegant look to the small idyllic home from the outside, as well as let in all that lovely natural sunlight during the day.

Wooden Starter House

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This house is made for new players. In which a very wonderful house can be built in less material, it will be really great to look at and save your life.

now it is up to you how to survive in a simple house and in an open world where you will be provided with a great experience. Through which you can take advantage of the very best game. It’s amazing how powerful a simple fence can be in elevating a very straight house, isn’t it?

Suburban House

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Can you get the most advanced one easy house in minecraft but can not make one in which you will enjoy a lot and will get to use many advanced things but to make this house you must have many things available only then you You can build a simple house.

If you’re a fairly old player in minecraft, this one will be easy to make and it’s a great build for anyone who wants their house to be less luxurious and more quirky, understated and subtly charming.

Wooden Modern House

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Have you ever wondered how modern house is in which simple. So the modern house given here will be very special for you and all the people will be attracted towards your house, many things and many materials should be available to build a house.

should. And they go to great effect on the modern-style home to create this unusual take, mainly made of different types of wood. I really liked this house which I made very carefully in minecraft which looks very beautiful.

Desert House

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This house is going to be a small and very beautiful house which people like a lot because it can be built very easily. If you are looking for a good place to build this house, then it will be a desert with very few trees where You can build this house on the bank of a lake.

Which will look quite beautiful and this construction mainly uses sandstone and granite instead of wood, which makes it look amazing! So I would say to the players that this house is going to be much better for building a city in the desert.


In this list, to make it very easy for the players, houses have been mentioned through which players can learn a lot which will provide a very beautiful experience.

so we hope that you have liked one house in our list. So comment below and one thing we have tried to make this list very easy.

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1 Foyer.
2 Crafting room.
3 Smelting room.
4 Storage room.
5 Entrance to your mine.
6 Bedroom.
7 Brewery.
8 Enchanting room.

Step One: Build a Crafting Table. The first objective to set for yourself is simple: Build a Crafting Table.
Step Two: Build Tools.
Step Three: Build a Shelter to Survive the Night.
Step Four: Understanding the Hunger Meter and Gathering Food.

Make a 6×6 square, with walls, out of your building material. Place 1 door, then a line of cobblestone, then another door for the entrance. Transform two zombie villagers back into villagers. Place two beds.