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top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

Minecraft always allows players to create many things. Then all the players enjoy the game very much. If you want to be among the intelligent and powerful players. So these thoughts must be coming in your mind that how will I rule the world, how will I fight with a difficult situation.

then the answer to all of them will definitely be found here. if the players are very fond of fighting then this sword must be tried which has a lot of power and Magic exists. Which players can become powerful and rule other settlements.


top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

There are 1 to 5 levels of sharpness in which to sharpen a minor sword! So if you kill a zombie with a minor sword without putting sharpness, it will die after hitting it three times, then after you put the sword in the enchantments you will see that the amazing thing is that the zombie is killed badly after hitting it twice!

Because sharpness has the advantage that it makes a simple sword extremely capable of hitting! And the special thing is that this sword is very beneficial for players playing survival mode in minecraft.


top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

If the players are not able to last long enough in the battle of minecraft because the swords of the players are broken enough that they have to give up, then the best solution for the same is a great unbraking enchantment sword that will help the players in every single battle. can benefit! This sword has levels to a precise level!

And Unbreaking has the advantage of having a main Minecraft spell on each player’s sword, as it increases the longevity of the player’s sword tenfold! Using which the player is able to hunt many big prey

fire aspect

top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

Often in Minecraft, players must have noticed that the morning light that kills zombies by burning them. Everyone knows this, but one special thing is that now zombies can be burnt even in night light. Because this sword is going to do the same thing.

which will burn every creature to other creatures, where you otherwise go to many caves to find diamonds but there is a danger of zombies. Now you can use this sword to kill them, the salwar has level 2, which is used to burn and kill zombies quickly.


top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

loot which has levels up to a setting, which is used such that after killing a man or zombies, the chances of getting their loot increases. And this spell not only improves a player’s chances of getting loot from the mob.

but it also increases the amount of loot that the player can collect. With the Enchanted Sword from Looting, however, the player has the opportunity to collect three or four Enderpearls from one Enderman. Which gives a great experience in the gameplay.

Sweeping Edge

top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for swords

If you are a very good player in minecraft, then this sword will be very beneficial for you, so that you can build a very good house, now how can it be. So you have to find a lot of blocks and kill mobs to find a block that can be used in the best place.

so this sword does it’s damage maximum and does the most damage to the mob. Which is a good thing. And Sweeping Edge is a great Minecraft attraction for players who often find themselves swarmed by hostile mobs.

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The Royal Guardian Sword is the most powerful weapon in CrazyCraft. Besides dealing 750+ damage, it has remarkable reach. Additionally, it comes enchanted with Unbreaking, improving its already-impressive durability.

1 Run the command +/give @p diamond_sword{Enchantments:[
2 Hover over the item, you will see that the enchantment level displays as level 255.
3 If you summon a mob with high health such as the command /summon wither , you will not be able to instantly kill it.

Although Sharpness is not as effective as Smite, as it does less damage, it is still the better enchantment out of the two. Smite is only useful when dealing with undead mobs. This enchantment will not work on other players, the Ender dragon, spiders, or other non-undead mobs.