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Top 10 Big Changes In Free Fire New Update OB36

Many updates keep coming in Free Fire, but many big changes have been made in this update, whose list we are going to give you. The update is quite good, by now you must have seen many new features in Free Fire and you also like it a lot, keeping this in mind this update has been brought.

It is believed that the update of Free Fire OB36 is a very big update in which you can get to see fine changes and you will like all the updates very much, so let’s give information about these updates without delay.

Free Fire New Update OB36 changes and download link

1. M1887 update

Considering that the M1887 gun is being used extensively in free fire, a lot of changes have been made in this gun. M1887 Gun This is a short gun with no attachments. But after the update, you will get the option of attachment in this gun.

2. Gallery option

There was no option to view the Ganas properly in Free Fire, but in the new update you will be given a new option named Gallery, in which you can understand the Ganas in a better way. But at the same time you will see guns according to the strength of the gun in the section of the gun.

3. Medikite in training ground

Medikit has been added inside the training ground, as many players prefer to camp in the training ground and play safe on their own. After Medicaid, players will be able to complete the game without any problems.

4. Clash Squad Update

There was a new update of CLASH SQUAD in free fire, some special features were not given in this update but this update has been improved in which you have been given many useful features.

Inside Clash Squad you’ll see all the information about that player, including what abilities your player is using and his rank. After the start of the match, you will also get a new option named Data, with the help of which you will be able to know all the information of the players of your group.

Clash Squad Auto Guide: In the update of Clash Squad, you will get an option of Auto Guide, which can be used by new players to understand the game. This guide will work inside clash squad mod only, in this guide will work for many more information like which gun should be used in your quest.

5. Double rank token update

Double rank token was removed in previous update but in this update you will get double rank token again. Double rank token in free fire helps a lot to push rank and you get a better rank Double rank token you can get within 2-3 days.

6. Class code update

In the Class code mod, you will see a red color outline on the body of the enemy, which will help in killing the enemy. You will not suspect any kind of enemy kills in this mode because if the outline is clearly visible then you can aim and kill your enemy well. This will be of great help to new players who have a lot of trouble finding the enemy.

7. Emojis update

Inside the game, you will get to see a total of 4 types of emoji, with the help of which you can show your reaction to your friend. very funny update you will enjoy using it.

8. Smoke granite update

Smoke Granite can be used in many ways and this is a new update, so many players don’t know how to use it properly, this granite will help you a lot to improve your rank, granite is very much liked by users are.

9. expected view update

Inside the expected scene, you can get the information about the enemy you are killing, you will get the option of the expected scene inside the game, by clicking on it, you can get the information about how many kills the enemy has It has been done and with which gun it will help a lot, this feature is also being liked a lot, you will also like it a lot.

10. Creator A124 update

Here is an artificial robot character that a lot of Free Fire players love to play. It has some special capabilities, but in this update Free Fire has made some other big changes inside it which are quite cool, you have to go into it too. Let us take complete information about it.

Earlier this creator used to throw granite, then only a magnetic field was created, but after this update you will see a lot of difference in it, it has increased more power than before.

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