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the amazing fact about minecraft that will blow your mind

Yes, today we are going to discuss about your favorite game. Which is minecraft, have you ever known about the best facts of minecraft, then the facts below which are going to contain many great facts that will blow your senses, then seven of minecraft open world, many other things to reveal The ones that you would not know in minecraft.

So you must know that minecraft survival game is one of the best games. While the process of making a lot of things is in progress, we’ll do the very best for you, so we’ve rounded up 4 cool Minecraft facts you probably didn’t know that can help you get the most out of the game. and hopefully will blow your mind.

story mode

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Maybe you didn’t know that Minecraft even has a story mode! There is a different game that has a story in the minecraft universe and it is based like episode and maybe you will be surprised to know that it is made by telltaile games!

telltaile games They’re the ones who created games like the walking dead, Batman, and Jurassic Park! Earlier it used to be a very good game but in 2019 telltaile games were closed then after that the support of minecraft story mod also ended but yes you can download it and play it from anywhere.

secret debug mode

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There is a secret debug mode of minecraft, which you probably do not know about because very few people know about it, basically when you create a new world in minecraft, then there are different options on it, so you have to do this.

You have to change the option by pressing the bar shift, a debacle mode will also come on which click on Done, then your world will be created, then you will reach a completely different place, where there will be so many blocks hanging that make the world of minecraft quite fun. makes.

longest track in 3 minutes

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Minecraft game gives you so much freedom in which you can make many world records like the world record song made by Benson John during lockdown, in which he built the largest rail track within 3 minutes.

in which he also rode about 305 pieces in that track Those who have also come in Guinness World Records! So if you are thinking that there are a lot of long ago records made in minecraft, then don’t worry what records we should make because there are still a lot of record left for you in minecraft.

 Dragon egg can be duplicated

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The dragon egg is considered one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft, as there can only be one naturally occurring dragon egg in every world. Which makes it very difficult to find the player. But some players do not know anything about dragon eggs.

This is why many players consider dragon eggs to be an invaluable asset. Players who do not know about dragon eggs can use the ultimate portals to copy dragon eggs. Like other gravity affecting blocks such as sand, gravel, concrete powder, etc.

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1 Cactus.
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6 Flowers (short)
7 Fungi.
8 Roots.

To find Giant Alex, you need to select version OptiFine 1.12. 2, set difficulty peaceful, 6 chunks render and 0.2 fog distance. Do not forget to enter the seed 7778749381209293789578 when creating the world. Then, when you spawn, swim to the mainland, because this creature lives on it.

Error 422 is the lost and scariest version of our favorite game. But it wasn’t like this before. Previously, it was a snapshot of an unknown version that was supposed to turn the whole game around.