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top 11 Best Sci-Fi Anime of All Time

The science fiction genre is a subject that can cover a variety of aspects and, at the same time, makes it difficult to define. We can add future or apocalyptic scenarios. The existence of alien life or androids and, in many cases.

realities differ from our current situation. The possibilities are many, and imagination is the only tool needed to create something that we always look forward to in the distant future and find it hard to believe that it will be real.

1. Outlaw Star

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release date : 8 January 1998
Directed by : Mitsuru Hongo
Written by : Takehiko Itō
Studio : Sunrise

This fan-favorite sci-fi space western came out 20 years ago, but still holds a huge place in the hearts of classic anime lovers. The story follows the fun-loving crew aboard the Outlaw Star. a ship led by Gene Starwind.

The show follows the group in search of a mythical treasure called the “Galactic Leyline”. Outlaw Star has a unique animation style and balances drama, comedy and mystery elements beautifully.

2. Armitage III

In a town where there is a great deal of prejudice against androids, a furious young female android police investigate their unsolved murders. She prefers to work alone.

but develops compassion for a male, human cop android, and so seeks to help her investigate these horrific murders. I love it because the main characters are so bad, but I also love that the show explores the ugly consequences of prejudice.

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release date : 25 February 1995
Directed by : Hiroyuki Ochi
Written by : Chiaki J. Konaka
Studio : AIC

3. Cowboy Bebop

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release date : 19 November 2021
Directed by : Shinichirō Watanabe
Written by : Keiko Nobumoto
Studio : Sunrise

Cowboy Bebop is a 1990s sci-fi anime consisting of 26 episodes and a 2001 anime film. Classic anime has been widely loved by foreign anime fans outside Japan, especially.

The futuristic anime setting is set in 2071, and the story follows bounty hunter Spike Spiegel and his fellow Jet Black chase criminals. In addition to science fiction, Cowboy Bebop is also classified as cyberpunk, suspense, comedy and action.

4. Parasyte: the maxim

Brain-eating parasites of unknown origin have begun to assimilate into the human race by attaching themselves to human hosts.

When a parasite fails to take over the high school boy’s brain, he is forced to eat and take over. Now, with two minds and one body, Shinichi and his parasitic companion are drawn into a silent war between parasites and humans.

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release date : 8 October 2014
Directed by : Kenichi Shimizu
Written by : Hitoshi Iwaaki
Studio : Madhouse

5. Gintama.

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release date : 4 April 2006
Directed by : Shinji Takamatsu
Written by : Hideaki Sorachi
Studio : Sunrise

Utsuro’s final plan is revealed: to spark a universal war that will eventually lead to Earth’s destruction, causing him to eventually die but take the universe with him.

Gintoki and the others team up with old allies and former enemies to defeat not only him, but also the victims of Immortal’s plans, a gathering army of vengeful Amanto who can no longer hear reason.

6. Kaiba

Kaiba is one of the most interesting characters in sci-fi anime. The series is about when humans are built like chips for memory chips. Memories can be edited or deleted. The poor sell their bodies so that the rich can have more time to live.

The anime looks at Kaiba’s journey, even though he is in a different body. The series will tackle themes of self-identification while he tries to navigate his own way.

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release date : 10 April 2008
Directed by : Masaaki Yuasa
Written by : Masaaki Yuasa
Studio : Madhouse

7. Trigun

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release date : 1 April 1998
Directed by : Satoshi Nishimura
Written by : Yasuhiro Nightow
Studio : Orange

Vash the Stampede is a wanderer with a mysterious past and a $60 billion bounty on his head for destroying the city of July. Rumors say that he leaves a trail of death and destruction wherever he goes and that any fool who looks him in the eye is like dead.

Two insurance agents, Meryl Streiff and Millie, chase after him to mitigate the damage caused by his presence. As the trio’s misadventures unfold, they find themselves in life-or-death situations when a group of legendary assassins are sent behind them.

8. Gurren Lagann

An anime series that focuses on a wild and dangerous future where all humans live underground to escape the dangers of the Earth’s surface.

They find mates to help them make peace with the menacing. robotic Fiends and Beastmen who live on the surface where Simon and Kamina live under the ground. The anime is renowned for its colorful art style and smooth, clean animation throughout the action-packed scenes.

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release date : 1 April 2007
Directed by : Hiroyuki Imaishi
Written by : Kazuki Nakashima
Studio : Gainax

9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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release date : 6 October 2012
Directed by : Naokatsu Tsuda Kenichi
Written by : Hirohiko Araki
Studio : David Production Inc.

This sci-fi adventure anime is really quirky, but amazing at the same time. If you’re looking for a series that evolves over time, this is an excellent choice. The plot follows members of the Zostar family through generations as they battle an ancient evil.

Each season introduces a new form of magic and abilities, complex battles, and some ridiculous situations. The first 4 seasons of this supernatural anime are available on Netflix right now.

10. Astro Boy

This list also would not exist without the creation of Astro Boy, the first animated Japanese show that earned international fame, leading to the rise in popularity of anime.

The show was about a highly advanced robot abandoned by its creator, who faces many challenges in a time span 40 years in the future, which is the year 2000. Astro Boy brings to the fore the themes of anti-war, conservation of nature and social discrimination.

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release date : 5 October 2009
Directed by : David Bowers
Written by : Osamu Tezuka
Studio : Imagi Animation Studios

 11. The promised neverland

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release date : 10 January 2019
Directed by : Mamoru Kanbe
Written by : Kaiu Shirai
Studio : CloverWorks

Most thrilling and terrifying, anime feature about a group of orphans. This anime is a traumatic experience of intelligent children trying to escape from the deadly house in which they are trapped. Anime is a cruel and unapproachable mind.

This is the most exciting anime ever. You will definitely fall in love with this anime.

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