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top 5 crafting Games like minecraft java, available on PlayStore

Often new players wander in search of new games, many of which like the game or not, so today we have brought some of your favorite minecraft games to find some of the best minecraft-like games here. Each game will give you a great experience, if you have played Minecraft many times.

then you will know that Minecraft is an open world game. In which to create something with your powers or try to stay alive, there is a lot of material available which makes your game very best, this is the purpose of this game which provides the best experience.

The Blockheads

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The game is developed by Majic Jungle. Like Minecraft, this 2D, side-scrolling sandbox game also features block-like characters while providing an immersive experience with a great game. The game offers the players easy gameplay and simple controls in this title.

which makes it even more enjoyable for the players. And Blockheads takes up less storage space and is also compatible with low-end Android devices. Where there is an adventure and a survival game along with being a multiplayer game.

Earth Craft

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This title gives its players the option to build buildings and structures just like in Minecraft. Which has been made in Mojang Studios. Where players can participate in many other things like fishing or building a house, many other things are available in the game.

This game has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store. Survival and exploration are the two main elements of this title. Which you must play, and one important thing, this game is only available for Android.


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Terraria is Minecraft’s closest competitor. It has many of the same elements, including mining, crafting, survival and killing the occasional boss. Although this game provides a little graphic compared to minecraft, but whatever the game is, it is going to be very good.

The game includes multiplayer with up to seven other players, over 20 biomes to explore, various NPCs to explore, and more. The game is available for a lot of platforms, which is a very special thing which will have it all in action adventure and open world sandbox game.


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If you’ve spent any time with games like Minecraft, the pitch behind Roblox will sound immediately familiar. This game was created by Roblox Corporation which is made available for many other platforms. In the game you can craft anything from simulation to racing game.

Will never let the players get bored, that is why many like the player to a great extent. That is why it is one of the best building games you can play. And one of the highlights is the slight savings for Roblox, as players can buy, sell and create virtual items.

My Time at Portia

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Like many of the games on this list, My Time at Portia is about building a new life for yourself in a quaint, vibrant land. Here is the objective of the game in which you live a survival life where you will take care of your crops.

raise your animals, make friends with your neighbors, and slowly become a master builder. The game will bring a lot of improvement in your life as it is based on how to live human life in troubled manner.

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1 Factorio.
2 Death Stranding.
3 Far Cry 3.
4 Ark: Survival Evolved.
5 No Man’s Sky.
6 The Forest.
7 Terraria.
8 Skyrim.

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In addition to being able to use the existing report a concern form and report a player in Minecraft, it is now possible to report a player for abusive messages in the in the Minecraft Java game client. You may also have seen our new profanity filter on Realms – these two functions are different.