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the Best Berserk Characters of All Time, Ranked

Berserk Characters Which is very popular, China’s action fight which is considered to be very good, people who are crazy about anime, they like it a lot. In which there are many great moments of action, which attract people towards themselves, if you are a big fan of anime, then this character is much better for you.

And are going to provide a lot of experience, these characters have been selected according to the very best ratings. In which there will be great fight or comedy or romance, then given below are 5 best characters who are going to steal your heart.

1. Irvine

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Irwin is an incredible shooter who holds a high position in the newly formed band of Hawke. It is shown in the series that in various battles, Irwin does not fight with swords, instead he uses a bow. Because he has a very good relationship with Dhanush which is very difficult to stop. And it has many powers.

such that it is capable of killing a lot of enemies in a short time. His power as an apostle makes him an even more powerful adversary. But the story of Fearless shows Irwin who was able to drive away very few generals.

2. Locus

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Locus differs from most of the apostles in this Kedar who is very intelligent who thinks many times before making any decision. Due to which his fighting ability is as strong as his intelligence Locus which is going to be the best character for you.

It has a lot of capabilities and a lot of courage fighting style which stops speaking of the enemy, it has a lot of weapons available. But out of all the weapons. the only weapon of choice is the lance, which this character uses quite cleverly but this locus is not included in serious combat. Happiness is one of the strongest apostles in the series.

3. Zodd

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Zodd made a very early appearance in the Berserk series, he first stepped into heaven, and most notably, Zodd terrorized the battlefields for 300 years. In which many people lost their lives, which became his nickname “Zode the Immortal”.

Throughout the manga, he managed to evade extraordinary enemies including the Skull Knight, Guts, and more. which a lot of people liked

4. Sea God

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The Sea God is a giant monster that has been locked in an island. However, after the great roar of the astral world, he was freed from all his chains. Which caused a lot of devastation and a lot of terror.

And the interesting thing is that the sea gods can transform into tent-like parts of their bodies after they have eaten people. Because this huge demon, which will be very dangerous, which is very troublesome to fight, in which many powers reside.

5. Guts

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Next on the list is Himmat, who is the protagonist of the series. He is undoubtedly the strongest human character in the series. Its name is Guts which is quite popular in the series which has killed many apostles, including strong people like Count, Rozin etc.

He then managed to defeat Wynd before he could even get the Dragon Slayer or Berserker Armor. That’s why this anime is very popular, it has action fight which makes it much better than other anime fight and happily it has been on top of anime ratings.

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Probably Guts. In their fight when the reborn Griffith visits Rickert, Guts is able to hold his own against Zodd. Even after Zodd transforms, Guts is able to keep up with the apostle.

1 God Hand.
2 Griffith/Femto.
3 Gambino.
4 Mozgus.
5 King Of Midland.

Some years later, he met the first person to ever affect him in a positive way, this was Griffith. Griffith showed Guts the meaning of allies, determination, and ambition. Following the model set for him, Guts became an approachable man who finally learned how to love.