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top 6 anime characters with orange hair

Orange hair is a common trope in anime. Unfortunately, it’s also part of many jokes – no pun intended. It is not actually orange, but a type of reddish-orange or brownish-orange that just so happens to get the name ‘orange.

Anime characters with orange hair are usually fireballs of passion and have a fiery personality. If you’re into anime and orange-haired characters, this list is for you! We’ve rounded up some of the biggest anime characters with orange hair in existence.

and ranked them on their weirdest level. You’ll find a variety of different characters from different franchises, each with their own unique look and style!

1. Chiyo Sakura

image source :

HEIGHT : 145 cm
Blood Type : O
EYE COLOR : Purple
AGE : 16-17

Chiyo is a beautiful high school student in love with Sakura Nozaki, but she expresses herself badly during her confession and finds herself a fan, then her assistant.

She helps Nozaki draw his portrait. She is in class 2-A and enrolled in the school’s art club. She is short in stature and wears two large red ribbons with white polka dots in her hair (these ribbons are collected by Nozaki for the heroine of his manga).

2. Ichigo Kurosaki

Besides Nami from One Piece, who is one of the “big 3”, Ichigo Kurosaki is another orange-haired anime character that everyone knows. When it comes to shonen anime you can’t get away from not seeing his face.

And even though I wouldn’t say that he is the best written hero, he has his own personality and all his actions are for a great cause. He’s not the cliché type who craves justice. For him it is about protecting as many people as possible.

HEIGHT : 174 cm
Blood Type : A
AGE : 29

3. Yui Yuigahama

image source

HEIGHT : 168cm
Blood Type : O
EYE COLOR : Brown Red
AGE : 16-17

Short-haired and charming, Yui is outspoken and sociable. She likes to be friends with many people, even those who disapprove of her like Hachiman. This young woman is intelligent and smiles so often that you don’t even know if she is really sad. Worried too.

Yui will be drawn to a smile to make sure her friends and family don’t worry about her. She prefers to wear her school uniform skirt in short length. To annoy her teachers and classmates, Yui unbuttons the buttons of her top 3 shirts, revealing a flashy necklace.

4. angiku Matsumoto

Rangiku’s hair is blonde in the manga, but it has an “orange” color in the anime. As a result, we will include it here. When it comes to the main character Ichigo.

he is a traditional antagonist. To get his nerves, he teases her and is “anomaly”. Because she knows Ichigo isn’t the kind of guy she’s looking for. Rangiku, on the other hand, has high morals and ideals for his job as a Soul Reaper.

HEIGHT : 172 cm
Blood Type : A
AGE : Unknown

5. Mafuyu Sato

image source :

HEIGHT : 173cm
Blood Type : AB
EYE COLOR : Salmon
AGE : 16-17

Mafuyu Sato is a charming high school girl with a calm nature. He was a loner, but when he met Ritsuka, the loneliness dissipated. They both appreciate each other’s abilities as a result of a series of circumstances.

Mafuyu’s incredible singing voice impressed Ritsuka so much that he invited her to join his band as a lead singer. Mafuyu prefers to express himself through his music, the reach of which is much wider than mere words. He is fighting for the future with his beloved.

6. Kaga Kouko

image source :

HEIGHT : 165cm
Blood Type : A
AGE : 18-19

Cutting lots of layers in style is a great way to refresh it and make sure it doesn’t look boring. In the long hair in this anime orange hairstyle.

the bangs also have a bunch of layers. The end result is a fun look that looks a little messy. Since it’s a messy style, it’s great for women who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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