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best mods for minecraft pe 1.19

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is a very popular version of the game. Most gamers playing on other platforms also play on Pocket Edition. This is largely due to the portability and accessibility that Minecraft PE offers to them as it is the crafting that can happen at any time and in any place.

Pocket Edition has something more to it. It has access to add-ons that can completely change the game. Mods are usually associated with this but are usually limited to the Java version.

Compared to Bedrock Edition, Pocket Edition players have the easiest access to add-ons. Here are some good ones to try out in version 1.19.

#1. Origins+ 1.5.1

Origins is one of the most popular methods. The ability to engage in Minecraft such as a Phantom, a Turtle, a Guardian, a Beacon, an Allay, a Fox and many other things (including things unique to this mod) is incredible. Those roles give players certain abilities, such as swimming speed for guardians or super speed for foxes.

This version was just released and is only compatible with Pocket Edition version 1.19, so gamers will have no trouble adding this mod to their games.

#2. Furnicraft 3D

Furniture is something that is sorely lacking in the game across all platforms. Gamers who play to build structures often need to be really creative to see and build things the way they want. This is where a simple but very useful add-on like Furnicraft 3D comes in handy.

This add-on introduces over 500 new furniture items, including dishes and other kitchen utensils. Now builders will not have trouble. This is an old mod but was recently updated to 1.19.

#3. Corail Tombstone

You must have heard of this mod, because Corel Tombstone is a minecraft mod that will make dying in the game a much less stressful situation.

Usually, when you die in the game, all your belongings are scattered all over the area. This can be a very serious problem when in some inaccessible places like the sea and the bottom. For example, your belongings can easily get lost in the depths of the ocean or in a burning fire.

But with this mod, every time you die, a gravestone will appear at the place of your death. This 1×1 gravestone will keep your items from being dismantled.

The mod offers many more features, such as a custom perk system, magic system, and decorative graves. It is deeper than it seems.

#4. Forsaken Odyssey

Forsaken Odyssey is a great mod for Minecraft survivalists that adds a lot of content to the jungle. This update brings new mobs, bespoke construction and world-generation features. This addition is a massive compilation of various addons focusing on exploration and survival, all condensed into a single bundle.

For Minecraft players who pride themselves on survival or hardcore mod gamers, the collection is a wonderful addition. It is also possible to use new bricks found around the game environment to rebuild old ruins found in the jungle. This addon also works with many other addons, ensuring that the players do not break any other modifications they make.

#5. Waypoints Addon

Getting lost in the vast world of Minecraft is a common occurrence for gamers. It would be really beneficial if players could leave a mark in the world and return to it at any time. The Waypoint Mod allows players to create a waypoint map by combining the map, ender pearl, and compass.

Waypoints mod changes the way players can teleport, adding and removing points from the game world. This makes fast travel safe and convenient for Minecraft players, and ensures they don’t forget important landmarks they’ve marked with waypoints.

What is the best Minecraft mod for PE?

MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod:

Even a decade after it was launched, Minecraft continues to offer us bedding and shoddy DIY creations in terms of furniture. But thanks to MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod, you can now have real furniture in the game. We’re talking about sofas, drawers, tables, mailboxes and more. The best part is that they all have the iconic Minecraft design, so they can easily fit into any custom Minecraft map.

Are Minecraft mods safe?

Big target:

Soon after, I got a warning about the page saying it was fake. That warning was broadcast by the Stop Mod Reposts campaign. It is attempting to prevent popular methods of hijacking by thieves, virus writers and cyber-thieves. It keeps a long, long list of scam pages offering repackaged mods. It even makes an extension for web browsers that warns you when you visit a dodgy site.

“Minecraft is a huge target,” said Chris Boyd, a security researcher at Malwarebytes and a veteran scam-spotter. They have seen fake sites offering the game for free, fake pages asking visitors to log in with their Minecraft name and password, as well as various other scams offering skins, hats and cheats.

But, he said, cyber thieves have a long history of going after children and the things they do online. He remembers seeing scandals in 1999 that targeted the economy around Neopets – digital creatures popular with young web users.

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